Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Going Slowly

I did nothing on the house on my four days off.  Nothing.  But yesterday and today, in between the cold drizzle, I did get a few more shingles torn off the back of the house.  If it looks like it's going slowly, it's because, well, it is going slowly.  I'm filling in the nail holes and the cracks as I go along, since I'm fairly certain that I won't get the entire back wall done before winter.  That wall looks a whole lot bigger now that the shed's gone.  A whole lot bigger.   Whoever put the shingles on also put a fairly large piece of trim snug up against the eaves of the house over the top row of shingles, I guess to make it look (cough, cough) nicer.  I'll have to pry that trim piece off before I can get those shingles off the house.   So I'm waiting on WTB to loan me his WonderBar again. And speaking of trim pieces....I'm not real sure what purpose that piece of wood to the left of the door serves.  You might not be able to see it in the photo, but the clapboards are sawed out around the piece of wood.  Why?  WTB has a one-word theory:  "Stupidity."  No matter, he has a relatively easy fix for it.  I'll just buy some trim wide enough to cover up the stupidity, he'll cut it to length, and I'll put it up around the door frame.  Because of the shingles, the door frame's not flush with the wall anyway, so I think putting up that trim will actually make it look better.  I also need to remove that non-working doorbell from the right side of the doorway.  (There used to be two doorbells there, neither of which worked, but I already took off the other one.)  And while I'm out there removing useless things, I ought to get rid of that railing, too.   Maybe when it's warmer...

And by the way, the glowing eyes in the photo belong to Louis, the littlest of my three cats. 


  1. It's looking good.

    I'm still taking useless things off my house and out of my house.

    I had two sets of thermostats.
    When they installed the new furnaces (2) they needed a different kind of thermostat but they left the old ones. Then I came along and removed the four thermostats and installed two digital stats.

    I'm still removing phone wire from the outside and inside of the house. The house had a security system that ran off the telephone. There is telephone wire everywhere.

    I hear the weather is suppose to get better at the beginning of next week. Yippee!

  2. Me too. When I bought the house there were phone jacks in every room...including the bathrooms. Only one of them (in the dining room) worked. I'm still pulling phone line off the outside of the house! I see that Monday & Tuesday are supposed to be in the high 50s, and those are my days off. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

  3. I like his one word theory. We have a lot of that going on around here ourselves.

  4. Cool! But you know it always takes longer than you think it will. Here's hopin' you can get something done during the pending decent weather. God knows we could use it!

  5. Concerning the "stupidity" strip:

    The current door and frame don't look original to the house, could the "stupidity" strip be a sign of something original that was removed when the new door was installed. Maybe it was some kind of trim, or maybe like an awning (or roof) support that was over the door?

  6. Old House Lover--You're right, that door's not original. In fact, that whole part of the house isn't original. When the house was built, this was an open porch that was closed in sometime prior to 1947 to make a second bathroom and a laundry room. I'm wondering if the current back door isn't a replacement for an older one that maybe was a different size? And yet, there's no corresponding "fudge" on the other side of the door. Hmm...

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  8. *dig*
    My guess: since the "weirdness" doesn't come down anywhere near the floor/ground, it might have been a window!
    Just a SWAG though ;-)

    (Out own old house is so full of insoluble mysteries like bricked up windows in interior walls I gave up anything but guessing *g*)