Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Inside Job(s)

Okay, so I bravely announced that The Kelly House projects are moving indoors for the season...and then I left you hanging.  While the outside of my house looks pretty nice now, the inside is a disaster.  An unqualified disaster.  I offer photographic proof.

Glue-encrusted floors.  Under the baby blue wool carpet that was pee-scented and stained, I found a thick rotted foam pad.  And under that, a 1970s-era carpet of gold, avocado green and brown.  Ick.  And it was stapled to the floor.  Under that, I found a pad that had turned to black clay and had to be removed with a putty knife.  And under that, I found...the glue-encrusted floors.  The floors in the entryway, front parlor, and dining room look like this.  Yuck.  I'm thinking this is not a DIY project.  My Christmas bonus at work will go towards getting rid of all this yuck.

Pee-pee carpet.  In the second parlor (which used to be my bedroom) the baby blue carpet still exists.  It's horrible.  So horrible, in fact, that I can't even show you a photo.  I'm too embarrassed.  Sometime soon, the last of the pee-pee carpet will be removed.  The naive part of me believes that the hardwood floor underneath will be beautiful.  The realist in me knows it will look like the floors in the rest of the house.

Kitchen wallpaper.  Remember way back in March and April when Mare and I rebuilt my front porch and put new countertops in the kitchen?  Yeah, I never finished hanging the kitchen wallpaper. 

Painted-over wallpaper and The Blister.  In the entryway and the front parlor, the walls are covered with this stuff, which I've been slowly removing.  (The carpet was the same color as the walls, by the way.) I would estimate that after a year of working on it, I'm about 50% done with the entryway, which is the smallest room in the house.  Make that very slowly removing.  In the front parlor above the mantel is the badly-patched hole where the stovepipe used to be.  I call it The Blister.  That'll be an interesting fix.

Dining room wallpaper.  This is my favorite room in the house.  I had good intentions of papering this last winter, but I couldn't decide on wallpaper.  Then spring came and...well, you know the rest.  Now I've decided on paper and just need to Do It. 

Yep, it's a disaster all right.  And even in the stretchiest of stretches of imagination, it won't all be done this winter.  Or even next winter.  Heck, I can't even decide what to start on first.  I have to get past this spinning-my-wheels stage and just rev up and start on something.  Anything.  I'll keep y'all posted.


  1. If I remember correctly you decided on and received the dining room wallpaper. If that is the case you may want to see if you could maybe do that project - but only if you have minimal prep to do to the walls and are not hosting Thanksgiving. You don't want to add to the holiday stress!

    If the wallpapering would create to much chaos through the holidays I would work on small areas of wallpaper removal - small enough that you can pick up the debris and put away the mess when the holidays intrude on home improvement.

    Hope this helps with clarifying your plans. You know we'll all be watching - but we want you to enjoy the holidays with your superhero!


  2. OH MY! Yikes! and Ewwwww to pee-pee carpet! Yeah, you definitely have your work cut out for you! If all you have left to do in the kitchen is the wallpaper, I'd do that first. And then move your bed in there for the duration of the rest of the work! ROFL!

    If I could get just 1 room totally done in my house, it would make it a lot easier for me to stay motivated.

  3. If it were me I'd finish the kitchen then move on to that dining room. And OMG, I love that dining room! I love the windows, woodwork and baseboards. Too bad about the floors....do you think a sander would remove that glue?
    I'd love to have a peek at the wallpaper you picked out for that room....hint, hint. ;D

  4. I'm with Milah. You know you can finish the kitchen and you'll probably manage the dining room. So you'll have two big projects out of the way and it will make your home so much more livable. The floors are too much for now. Worry about those later.

  5. Except for the pee-pee carpet (which makes me giggle every time I read or type it) I can SO relate to this! I'm quite pleased with the outside of the house (though I wish we were decorated for Halloween) but the inside?

    It's all ready for Halloween -- it's a regular NIGHTMARE! :-) Even the human dynamos that we are girl, we can't do it all!

  6. This is actually making me feel good :-)

    Everyone I know around here except me actually has houses that look "normal" and are not works in progress.

  7. Oh that's lovely, they put the new carpet right on top of the old! That way you don't need to buy a new pad, and it's more insulation to boot! How luxurious! Will the ingenuity of POs never cease?

    (I did worry a bit when we were removing the layers in our house that some of it might prove to be structural after all)