Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Continuing with the mice theme....


  1. Happy Halloween to everyone too :-)

    Does anyone have any words of wisdom about removing wallpaper?

    I've started pulling the wallpaper off my stairway and upstairs hallway. It comes off very easily, but the drywall underneath is left coated with small bumps of stuff, which I assume is wallpaper paste.

    I gently scratched an area with my fingernail, and the bumps seemed to come off, but the flat coating is mostly left. How do I get this stuff all off without damaging the drywall?

    Also, the drywall, at least in the area I've stripped, does not have its joints taped. I had no idea, since nothing odd showed through the wallpaper, although the wallpaper does have a slight texture which might have masked that.

    Do I have to tape the drywall (oh, joy, something I've never done :-) before repapering?


  2. Happy Halloween!

    I copied the mice template. My granddaughter and I had some fun with that. ;D

  3. Karen Anne--I use water with a little Downy fabric softener in it and then scrape with a wide putty knife to get rid of that junk, but I have plaster walls. I don't think it would damage drywall, though. Oh, and if you file the corners off the putty knife you're less likely to accidentally gouge the drywall. As for the taping, I tend to take the path of least resistance--if you can't see the seams through the wallpaper I'd probably leave 'em as is. That's just me. Anyone have other advice or hints?

  4. Photos of the (temporarily orange) White House Halloween. Some people know how to throw a party :-)