Wednesday, September 23, 2009


After nearly a week of fear and worry, my bestie got a phone call from the lab.  "Your biopsy came back negative."

She called to tell me and after I whooped, kissed the nearest cat, and danced around the kitchen, I said, "But the doctor said you have cancer.  She told us it was one of three kinds, that it might be bad or not, that it wasn't in your lymph nodes.  She discussed radiation and treatment options and survival rates, for God's sake." 

Apparently that doctor was wrong.  I say we go kick her butt.


  1. YAY! SO happy for you both. What a relief.

    Doctors are human and this happens. My great aunt (who was given a death sentence multiple times before it finally happened 20+ years later) was misdiagnosed with BOTH lung AND breast cancer in about five years.

  2. Yea!!!

    I come from a cancer prone family and have learned that as long as you get your regular check ups that you have a good chance with cancer MOST of the time.

    Which reminds me......not month is my mammogram....yippee.

    I will not feel OK with that test until they come up with the equivalent for men. They seem to luck out on a lot of the painful and embarrassing procedures.

  3. Maybe the doctor wasn't wrong. Maybe the Universe shifted the reality for you both. Possible?

    I'm very happy and relieved for both of you.

  4. This reminds me (how could it have slipped my mind), my ex-internist sat me down about two years ago and told me I had either leukemia or multiple myeloma and about six months to live.

    No, I am not excusing him from this, he was a flaming incompetent and I went home, sat down, and promptly went into a flareup of a heart problem. (Okay now.)

  5. Perhaps the doctor was right the first time....and this was answered prayer. ;D

  6. That is awesome news! It takes a moment like this to make a person want to 'Live like you were dying' just like the Tim McGraw song.