Friday, September 25, 2009

More Good News

At long last, this afternoon I'll get my laptop back!  Hooray!  I would've gotten it back yesterday, but WTB discovered that Best Buy had sold me the wrong hard drive, so he had to drive all the way up to The City to exchange it for the right one and didn't get back before I left for work.  No matter.  This afternoon my laptop and I will be happily reunited!  Hooray, hurrah, yippee!! 

No more going to the library and waiting in line to use the more craning my neck at work because the monitor's mounted on the more kicking things and saying "darnit, darnit!" at home over not being able to look something up instantly...and best of more blog posts without photos.

Expect photos on Saturday and/or Sunday.  I'm taking requests, so comment with any photos you'd like to see.  I'm thinking y'all will come up with something better than the pile of junk and the hulking dresser (sans drawers and covered with raccoon doody) that I hauled out of the shed.


  1. Something better than racoon doody? Nah!

  2. White Trash Bob! I have a crush on him. ;D

  3. I know the frustration. When my computer was in the shop I would have to walk to my office to look anything up. If that was closed I would try to use the internet on my Blackberry. It took FOREVER for anything to load and the page formating would be all screwed up.

    Hope you have a great reunion!

  4. WTB to the rescue again!

    Photo list...

    1.A photo of WTB
    2.Updated photo of your house on the right sidebar.
    3.A photo of the completed side porch.
    4.More shed/garage photos...I'm having a hard time visualizing the layout.

    Keep up the good work. It's amazes me how much you get done. Sometimes I get absolutely nothing accomplished because I am overwhelmed by the vast multitude of things I need to do.

  5. I agree with Jan. And hey, raccoon doody could make for a good story. Depends on how you spin it.