Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Good Southern Boy

Yesterday afternoon (after I went to the library and blogged) I happened to be across the street at Carl's talking to him about the Old Homes Tour when he brought up that the guys I work with have not helped me on my own house at all.  Carl was explaining to a friend of his that I've asked some of the guys for help and gotten no response whatsoever.  Carl's theory:  "It's that they're Yankees, honey.  They weren't raised right.  A good Southern boy helps a lady."

As I started back down the sidewalk laughing, Carl said, "I see you got over your fear and got that front gable painted."  I stopped in my tracks and looked up at my house.  Front gable painted yellow.  Obviously two coats.  Front friezeboard painted dark green, also two coats.  I turned to Carl, eyes wide and jaw dropped.  "It wasn't me, Carl!"  He laughed.  We had our suspicions as to who painted it.

Later that night those suspicions were confirmed when I saw White Trash Bob walking past the pizza place where I was having supper with my bestie.  I ran down the sidewalk, found him in the library and shouted,  "You painted my front gable!" (In a voice way too loud for the library, by the way.)  He grinned, "Why yes, I did."

White Trash Bob is evidently a good Southern boy.


  1. What a good story. I do happen to know one good Yankee boy who's Mamma raised him right. If I was anywhere nearby, you know I'd be helping!

    I'm so excited for all of the progress you've made. I'm excited to see photos. It seems so long ago now that you pulled that first shingle. Long journey, and you're almost there! Good job!

  2. What a very nice thing to do for you :-)

    I dunno, I used to believe that about Southern manners too, but I have nieces raised by their Southern momma who have apparently never heard of the concept of thank you notes, while my Yankee-raised nephew writes them without fail.

  3. Well bless his little heart! (that's me acting southern)

    Be careful, his wife might get jealous.;D

  4. I want to bake White Trash Bob a pie. A good southern baked apple pie.

    I saw a young man in the grocery store yesterday. He was busy trying to juggle his purchases and keep his small child from demolishing the place. But when a little old lady asked him for help, he stopped everything to help her and was so gentile and polite it warmed my heart. A woman can only pray she raises a boy like that.

    White Trash Bob needs a new name. Something fancier. Something more noble. Like maybe Sir W.T. Robert.

  5. Nathan--She did raise you right! :) And it seems like a long time ago because it WAS a long time ago...that first shingle was pulled off June 15th of 2008!

    Karen Anne--I raised my son with nice Southern manners, but he still hasn't written any thank-you notes for his wedding gifts!

    Milah--Thank heaven, she's not a jealous person at all. Which is good, because WTB apparently helps out half the town!

    Christine--If you bake it, I'll sure help him eat it. :) And I agree, he does need a more honorable name. I'll speak with him about it.

  6. Awesome! There's nothing like a Southern gentleman. I know. I'm married to one! (And, yes, there are Yankee gentlemen.)