Thursday, September 3, 2009


Y'all know how I feel about bugs.  I believe my fear and loathing of them has been well-established.  The bugs and I reached an understanding last year:  if they'd just leave me alone, I wouldn't kill 'em.  Seems reasonable to me.  But lately, they've been reneging on their end of the deal.  A week or so ago, one of my friends said, "I never noticed that mole on the back of your neck before."  On closer inspection, it proved to be a tick.  Imbedded.  A couple of days after that when I was washing my hair, I felt a little bump on my scalp.  Another tick.  And just the day before yesterday, what I thought was a little clod of dirt between my toes (I'd been walking through the yard in flip-flops) was—guess what?—another bleeping tick!  But that's not even the worst.  Oh, no.  Wednesday afternoon I saw a good-sized spider hiding between the toaster and the kitchen wall, and when I flipped on the puck lights and grabbed a rolled-up newspaper to whack it I noticed the characteristic fiddle on its back.  A brown recluse.  And today—oh, Lordy, today was the absolute limit.  Today when I snatched down my uniform shirt from its peg on the bathroom wall, another brown recluse fell out.  Yikes!

So it's on.  The bugs must die.  The question is, how do I kill the bad bugs without killing all the good bugs along with 'em?  I don't want to kill all the butterflies and honeybees and harmless garden spiders and ladybugs just to annihilate a few ticks and poisonous spiders.  Do I just constantly carry around the Weekly Shopper and some tweezers to deal with the darn things as they come along?  Any ideas?


  1. Maybe you need to call in the pros.

    Brown recluse spiders are really bad. I worked with someone who was off work for months after the bite.

    Plus ticks are no joke either. Maybe you should be checked for Lyme disease.

    I hate spraying pesticides and I always get more on myself than where I am spraying. Pros have the right tools and chemicals.

    Better safe than sorry and it could be cheaper to pay upfront than down the road (medical bills/lost work).

    Damn bugs.

  2. You do NOT want to be bitten by a brown recluse. I say Nuke the place. Frankly, if I personally found a brown recluse I'd nuke the place and then move and nuke the new place just to be safe.

  3. A friend of mine has a son who was a truck driver and he was bit while traveling from Texas to Indiana. He was hospitalized somewhere in between and nearly died. Take this seriously and call the experts.

  4. YIKES! I wish I knew what to tell you.

    We've been battling wasps/yellowjackets all summer but they seem to be subsiding finally.

  5. OMG! Take their advice. Nuke the joint. That is one deadly spider!

  6. I avoid using pesticides but you have to do something about those Brown Recluses. I agree that you go with the pros. And soon.