Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Un-Done Remains The Same

I just wasn't feelin it today. Dynochick over at Gear Acres says "lack of interest" is factored into the projected completion date of what she's working on. I didn't account for days like today when I predicted I'd be finished painting the house yesterday. I also didn't account for not being able to sleep well the night before and forgetting to set an alarm today. It's hard to have a productive work day when you get up at one in the afternoon.

So all I have to show for today is a few almost-dones. I put together the rest of the porch brackets before I went to bed (since that was around 3 a.m., it counts as today) but didn't get them nailed onto the porch. I finished painting all those teeny little muntins on the last of the windows that have teeny little muntins, but got only the first coat of cream paint on the window trim. I put one coat of dark green paint on the last of the freize boards that was still white, but it needs a second coat. And finally, I painted the tops (but not the rest) of two of the three screen panels. Yep, that's it. Stunning achievements for a four-hour workday, no?

But wait, today was not a total loss. I did do a good deed today. While looking for Mare at the house where he's supposed to be working, I saw that one of the horses (not a mare, by the way) had gotten out and was wandering through the front yard. No one was home. I briefly considered trying to put the horse back inside the fence by myself but decided against it based on the following facts: I know nothing about horses, there were other horses inside the fence and I was worried that while trying to put one horse back in ten horses would get out, and the horse had no bridle or leash or handle thingy with which to lead it. Oh yeah, and I know nothing about horses. So I left and looked up the number for Big River Ranch, where there are horses, on the off chance that horse people hang out together and someone there would help. Turns out the guy who answered the phone is the owner of the horses at that house. He muchly appreciated my phone call. Yay for small towns where such a thing is possible!

So back I went to the Kelly House and pondered the List of the Un-Done. Still the same as yesterday's list. Sigh. Maybe I'll be feelin it tomorrow.

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  1. Yep. There ARE those days. HATE those days. HATE them. But, they go by, too. :-)