Saturday, August 8, 2009


Porch brackets. Mare made 'em back in May when he was here. I painted 'em, and then they stayed stacked together—and thanks to the humidity now, stuck together—in a pile on a giant piece of cardboard in my dining room. I wasn't sure how to put the things together. Oh, I knew that smaller green piece went on the bigger cream piece, but I wasn't sure how to attach it. When Mare walked through my house earlier this week, he noticed the stack. "Haven't you put those things together yet?!" he said, grinning. "Is now a bad time to remind you that you started paintin' the back windows of the DMV office like six years ago and they still only have primer on 'em?!" I shot back. So he showed me how to do it, and then I finished three more, and then I had to go to work this week. But on Sunday, or maybe Monday, I'll get the other four assembled. And on Monday, or maybe Tuesday, I'll drag Mare away from his other project just long enough to nail these in place on the porch. Photos of newly-bracketed porch to follow.


  1. Karen Anne--The little green piece is attached to the larger piece with 3 screws, but I was afraid I'd ruin them. Once Mare showed me how to do it, I was fine.

    Milah--He did a really good job of drawing the pattern and cutting them out. They're similar to porch brackets on other houses around town. WTB routed them for me.

  2. I absolutely love the colors!

  3. Cool! Can't wait to see them in place.