Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Phone/TV Saga Continues....

I called Embarq on the way home from work today, about 8 a.m. No one answered and it went to voicemail. I explained in my fakey-polite voice—the one that's spoken with gritted teeth—that I would like a call back today regarding my pending account. No one called me back. I am livid. Back when they were trying to sell me something, I got a callback within 20 minutes. Now that I'm unhappy, no one calls. Hey, Embarq, if you don't call back an unhappy customer, she will become an irate customer. I'm not sure they know that. But they will....

Yesterday I called DirecTV and told them one of my receivers didn't work. They asked me several questions about the problem and determined that I need a new receiver. This afternoon when I went out on the front porch, I nearly tripped over the new receiver UPS had delivered. How did it get here so fast?? Wow. The Netflix people must work at DirecTV, too.

This afternoon Floyd and I had a conversation about the DishTV debacle. He agreed with me that putting my satellite dish on his roof was not a good option. We walked together back to the alley to look at another neighbor's satellite dish. It's a DishTV dish and is sited on her garage, north and slightly west of my dish. Floyd's house is east of mine. I still don't understand how DirecTV can work but DishTV cannot. Floyd said, "Like DishTV launches their own rocket up there and it's in a whole different place than DirecTV."

Here are the numbers so you can understand my frustration and my urgency in wanting to go to another option. Currently I'm paying about $142/month for Embarq and DirecTV, with that cost split almost evenly between the two. DirecTV tells me if I bundle, I can save $5/month on my satellite bill (to which I said, "That's it?!"), but they do not know what my Embarq bill will be. Embarq tells me that if I bundle DishTV and Embarq my monthly cost for both, including taxes, will be about $80/month. They won't call me back to tell me what the DirecTV price might be. Using the cable company as both a tv and an internet provider would cost me about $60/month for fewer channels, and about $80/month for a package similar to what I have now. I need to do something. But I can't do anything until Embarq calls me back!


  1. My head is starting to hurt from trying to understand these options :-)

    Maybe the bottom line is that as long as you have a working phone and Internet, everything else is (temporarily, at least) expendable. Worst case you could cancel everything but those while this gets straightened out.

    I've gotten into phone limbo calling places for customer service. Sometimes selecting the menu option for prospective customers gets you through faster and they can do something.

  2. Jayne,

    Sorry you are having trouble with Embarq. Can I help? Send me an email at with the information you are requesting and I will gladly help out. If you need to verify my identity you can check out my twitter page: Thanks.

    Joey H.
    EMBARQ Customer Outreach

  3. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, $142 is pretty salty. I'm anxious to hear what Embarg Joey has to say.

  4. I don't know if this is helpful or not, but looking at their website it appears that Dish Network is available for residential customers, whereas Direct TV is available for business customers.

    Also, I found these phone numbers by Googling, maybe they'll be helpful...

    888-723-8010 Press 1 and then 0

  5. You guys are the BEST! Thanks!

  6. Wow! I sure hope you get your dilemma straightened out! I'm hoping Embarq Joey works out!

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