Monday, August 10, 2009

No More Holes

Those holes in the side porch? Gone. While I was at work Saturday night, White Trash Bob came over and fixed 'em. He fixed the stovepipe hole and the dryer vent hole....
He even fixed the hole I made by breaking a clapboard in half last summer.

Does he read the blog? Did his house restoration Spidey-Sense tell him something needed to be fixed? Did he notice the holes on one of his visits over here? Don't know. Doesn't matter. The holes are fixed. And that makes White Trash Bob the best neighbor ever.


  1. Wow. I wish he was my neighbor! :) What a great guy!

  2. I'm jealous.

    I want my own White Trash Bob.

    I love that side porch. I want one of those, too.

    Yup, where do I put my order in for 1 White trash Bob and 1 side porch?

  3. I think I'm falling for White Trash Bob

  4. Sorry, ladies, White Trash Bob is married. Mrs. WTB is an equally wonderful person. She bought me a big slab of bread pudding last summer on a particularly discouraging day. And although I don't see her as often, whenever I do she always tells me I'm doing a great job on the house. They are fabulous people.

  5. Jan, I love my little side porch too. I'm thinking I need a little metal table and a couple of chairs out there--like an ice cream set--when I get the floor cleaned off. Then you just make a road trip out here and we'll drink wine on that side porch together!

  6. OK. Since we can't MARRY White Trash Bob, I say we start the White Trash Bob Fan Club. I want to be a charter member!