Friday, August 7, 2009

Little By Little And Guess What?

Little by little, less of the Kelly House is white....I got the frieze board and part of the eaves painted with only an "Eek!" and maybe a "Yikes!", but no "Ouch!"
And now the door to the side porch is cream instead of white, and the trim around the door is painted, too.

But there's still a heap of boards on the side porch floor. Not just any old boards, though. These are clapboards (lap siding) that White Trash Bob salvaged from an 1870s house that was being demolished. And why did he salvage them and then stack them on my side porch?

To fix these holes in the house, of course.... Never mind that at the time Bob salvaged the boards, he probably thought someone else would help me fix those holes. But guess what? Now I need WTB's help.He just doesn't know it yet. Wonder if he's a regular reader of my blog?

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