Thursday, August 27, 2009

Curb Appeal & Progress (No Pics)

Blogging to you from a computer at work, which has no time limit like the library, but does have the same rule against uploading photos. Darnit.

Here's what White Trash Bob and I got done Sunday: we dug up the groundcover that had been planted on either side of the front steps and planted daylilies and ajuga in its place, we unearthed two cinder blocks next to the steps and put them in the back yard, I planted more daylilies on the west side of the house, WTB pulled up two scraggly trees that had been growing in the yard, I tore the DirecTV cable off the house and WTB sent the satellite dish crashing to the ground (but left the dish bracket in place so I don't have holes in my roof), I trimmed back the rosebush by the front porch and trained it up the porch post and along the top of the porch so it looks more like Mrs. Kelly's rosebush in the 1906 photo of the house, and WTB cut down with a Sawzall the ugly railing made of pipe that had been next to my front steps. Yes, I am now the President of the WTB Fan Club!

And on Monday, I: planted lilies of the valley on both sides of the front sidewalk, watered everything we'd planted on Sunday (and noticed that WTB fixed the connection from the hose to the spigot so water doesn't spray everywhere), took the storm windows off of the last two unpainted windows on the west side of the house and scraped and cleaned the windows, planted some columbine and Siberian iris my mom gave me, spent an inordinate amount of time poking around in the back yard with a piece of rebar to try and find the foundation of Mr. Kelly's stable (with no luck), and promised Carl I'd help him at The Parsonage during the Old Homes Tour.

Then on Tuesday, I: painted those two windows and the storms on the west side of the house (which means I have only four windows left to paint!), watered everything again, pulled the dead plants out of the containers on my front porch, bought a lavender mum to put in the big planter on the porch, painted the rest of the inside of the new screened porch panels, scraped some paint and filled some nail holes on the front porch, put up my new curtain rods with the nifty bay window connectors in the dining room, hung the dining room sheers, and took my daughter-in-law to supper.

Those lists would've been so much nicer if they had photos along with them....sigh...


  1. Wow, I'll bet it's looking great! In a way no photos is cool. Nothing like a great suspense novel, eh?

  2. Sounds wonderful! I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for pictures. And when you do post pictures, maybe you can sneak in one of WTB!

  3. Hey, that's a LOT done! And glad to see you have officially established the Fan Club. Count me in as a charter member. I love WTB!
    Hang in there, girl. Just think of all the lovely pics you'll have to share once you're back on track techwise! Looking forward to seeing them.

  4. I'm dying to see an updated photo of the front of your house.