Friday, August 21, 2009

Cable & Instant Landscaping

Darnit. No vacation day tomorrow. Which means no work on the house until Sunday. Darnit.

In other news...the very nice cable man arrived just before 5 p.m. to install my cable. He kindly informed me that I wouldn't have cable in my bedroom until I bought either a new television or a new DVD player to run the cable through. Five minutes after he left, I connected the wire that was dangling on the floor to the back of the television and—wabam!—it worked. Amazing. Also amazing is that he apparently forgot to flip a little switch somewhere or something, and I'm getting HBO, Showtime and The Movie Channel while paying only for basic cable. (Insert evil laugh here.) This is the same cable company that's been providing free cable to my son and his wife for almost two years, despite my son's several calls to them saying that he doesn't want cable. His reason for not wanting cable, though, is that he can't afford now the cable company's made that a moot point.

And my sweet little momma, whose backyard looks like a "Better Homes & Gardens" photo spread, informed me a couple of days ago that she's making broad gravel paths through her gardens and putting in garden benches and such so she doesn't have so many plants to take care of. Would I like to have a few hostas and daylilies, she wondered. Of course I would! My own yard is a mess of weeds and vinca, which I hate. So yesterday I picked up seven bags of hostas. Today I got six bags of daylilies. This is "a few"?!? Wah-hoo! I'll be planting them tomorrow before I go to work. She left a lot of dirt around the root balls and put water in the sacks, too, so they'll be okay til then. My plan is to just stick 'em in the ground someplace for now and divide and relocate them in the spring.

Someday soon, hopefully Sunday, I'll put some more paint on the house and post some photos of the progress.


  1. When I had cable, I had pared it down to basic cable, but the Sci-Fi channel still came through. The cable guy (or someone, I forget how I learned this) said there was something like a local filter installed at the house connection to prevent channels getting through that you hadn't paid for, but that the filters didn't always work completely.

  2. I love the crap they feed you. I hate the cable company but am just too overwhelmed with other things to add changing to something else to the list. Someday ...

    Awesome that you got all those nice plants. No gardeners in my family! :-) Those poor things would die here.

  3. I hope all that free cable doesn't slow down your progress. That happens to me sometimes.

  4. Double score! Plants and cable channels you get through their snafu! Love it!