Saturday, August 1, 2009


My son and daughter-in-law's kitchen is almost done! Behold, the new cabinets and countertop, the new laminate flooring, and the shiny new double sink and faucet! Sarah e-mailed me this photo last night with a note that says, "Yay! I can finally put my dishes away!!" Today I got another e-mail from her that says, "Yay! I have my living room back!!" When Dylan and Sarah (well, okay, mostly Sarah) decided to remodel the kitchen, they still had wedding presents stacked in the living room from their May 23rd wedding. Then the old cabinets were pulled out, and their contents were also stacked in the living room. Since the first week of June, there's been a narrow pathway through the living room for Dylan, Sarah and their Doberman to navigate through. But no more! The dishes and wedding presents have been put away, and the kitchen is almost finished!

And, over at the Kelly House, there's a little progress too. The corner pieces of the side porch have been painted green, some other trim pieces have been painted green, and part of the front porch has been scraped and caulked. (The house doesn't look substantially different, so I didn't take any pics.) My son's coming over later today (it's the wee hours of the morning now) to drag my neighbor's very tall extension ladder out of storage and set it up against the house. Prepare for posts containing such words as "Eek!" and "Yikes!" when I get around to standing on the bay roofs to paint.


  1. Very nice! And if she's like the rest of us, she's looking around and starting to plan her next big project.;D

  2. Wow, does that ever look a million, zillion times better! I'm sure she's thrilled!

    Please, do be careful. Make sure it's an eek and yikes post and not an ouch post.

  3. Lookin' good! I SO understand the carefully navigating through the house stuff. Glad they're on the home stretch.

    Hope the rain misses you today.I have already had to change my workin' plans for the day.

  4. They started in June and they're almost done? Slackers. They should know what it's like to wade through stacks of their stuff for a year +. But it looks good. What a nice, fresh way to start a marriage.

    You? Be careful.

  5. I really like their countertop. What is it made of? The kitchen looks super! You're going to be on a huge ladder? Please be careful!

    p.s. I got all weepy when the bridge went sashaying down the aisle, too!

  6. Uh... that would be bride and not bridge. Sigh. I just washed my hands and can't do a thing with them! LOL