Monday, August 10, 2009


You may notice that the date of this post is August 10th. You may recall that I predicted last month that I would have the house-painting done by today's date. Well, um, about that appears now to have been, um, just a little bit—ahem—sorta overly optimistic. Possibly even a tad unrealistic. Yep. I'm not done painting the house. It's now dark outside. There are no giant banks of stadium lights set up in the yard. In two more hours it will no longer be August 10th. I didn't finish the house today.

I knew when I woke up this morning that I wouldn't. Too much was still on the List of the Un-Done: 7 windows, 6 clapboards on the side porch, 3 sections of the screen panels, 2 walls on the front of the house under the porch roof, 1 scary part on the front of the house and 1 scary part on the west side of the house. My goal was to finish the last of the front windows with all those little stained glass panes and to paint the two dining room windows. I didn't even finish that because it rained this afternoon. Before the rain, I managed to get the storm window off the front window, clean the window, scrape white paint from the previous paint job off the stained glass panes, scrape the window trim and get the first coat of black paint on the window. During the rain, I finished painting one of the screen panels. Before I go to bed tonight, I'll assemble the other four porch brackets just in case Mare shows up tomorrow.

So I didn't finish the house today. I'm okay with that. I will finish it, and soon.


  1. Ah yes, Life. It so often gets in the way of good intentions. I do believe your expectations might a been a little askew. But I have to applaud you for your effort.

  2. But you've made a ton of progress, though. And the house looks more beautiful each time. That's what counts.

  3. Ditto what they said! They're right! Good for you for going with the flow. Sometimes these self-imposed deadlines kill us more than the jobs we're trying to do.

    Repeat the mantra: It will get done. It will look great. It will all be worth it in the end. :-)

  4. Better to not rush through and do a good job than try to meet a "deadline"!
    Sometimes they help, sometimes they hurt... you've done great work so far, though!

  5. I agree with all the above.

    I'm amazed at what you have already accomplished.;D