Friday, July 10, 2009

That A-Hole Across the Street

There really is a reason for that strange post title...A very funny reason, which I'll get to in a minute. But first, an update on Dylan and Sarah's kitchen. After Sarah's dad and Dylan finished fixing the sill plate, Dylan had to reinforce the cinder block basement wall with Quik-Rete. (And by the way, that "thing" on Dylan's shoulder is a tattoo of Saint Michael, and you can see the inspiration for it here.)

Then (or maybe before) Dylan and Sarah's dad completely tore out the old kitchen floor....and somehow caused a small gas leak which had to be repaired...

And put in new floor joists, and Dylan dug a hole in the dirt crawl space for the new kitchen duct work...

And then Sarah's dad did a little electrical work so they can turn the light above the sink on and off with a switch instead of by unscrewing the light bulb...And they put a new subfloor in...

And that's where they've stopped for now. Note the stove on the back porch. I think the fridge is out there, too, or maybe in the dining room.
Now for the funny story: Dylan and Sarah live across the street from the Lion's Club building, which is frequently rented out for parties. ("Frequently" meaning "every darn weekend".) Lately the same group of 50-60 people has rented out the Lion's Club every darn weekend and partied way past the 2 a.m. rental agreement. They park their cars in Dylan's side yard, have loud drunken conversations in the middle of the street, throw beer cans and other litter into Dylan's yard, and generally make Dylan and Sarah's life on the weekends a little slice of Hell. Dylan has been over there several times to bring these issues to their attention. Words have been exchanged. Dylan's badge has been shown. On a couple of occasions, he's had to call for backup from an on-duty cop. And still it persists. So the last time the partying got out of hand, Dylan burst out the front door of his house, strode across the street, yanked open the door of the Lion's Club, and yelled into the drunken crowd that he wanted to speak to the person who signed the rental agreement. A very drunk young man appeared and said, "Dude, dude, dude...calm down. We'll clear out. Just don't get that a##hole from across the street over here!" Dylan went toe-to-toe with him, showed his badge, and said, "I am that a##hole from across the street! Now get out!" That's my boy.


  1. I'll bet the Lion's Club has to have some sort of permit from the city allowing those functions. I would have tried to get the permit yanked if this was going on ad infinitum.

  2. Ha! His response made me laugh.

    But that is a tough position to be in. Karen Anne's right (as she often is). He should get that permit revoked.

  3. Welllll...the building is private property and the rental agreement is not under the City's authority. However, the City does have a noise/peace disturbance ordinance, parking ordinances, and a litter ordinance, all of which ought to be enforced. In my opinion, if the city cops would write a few tickets the problem would be reduced if not solved completely. What I fail to understand is why some of the city officers are reluctant to do so. (Full disclosure: my son is a county deputy, not a city police officer.)

  4. It's tough having clubs and bars in a neighborhood. (Or opening one in a relatively isolated spot where people happen to live.)

    I feel for Dylan.

    Got a kick out of his response. A photo of the guy telling him that though when he finds out WHOM he's addressing would be priceless.