Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Progress As Promised

Here in Missouri, the Department of Transportation puts up signs when they begin a new project. "New pavement by July 2009" or something like that. And when the project nears completion, they put up other signs that read "Progress As Promised". Back on Friday, I promised progress on my four days off, as well as before-and-after photos. Well...I have lots of progress to tell you about, but no photos to show you. (The camera is telling me the memory card is full, but it's not, so no photos until I figure that out.)

Saturday, the happy occasion of my mom's 82nd birthday, I surprised her with some danish (danishes?) from Panera Bread. Panera is one of her favorite places to eat, but she won't buy those treats for herself. Then I went home to rest up before shopping with her. Typical of Mom, she bought two things as presents for other people and nothing for herself. Typical of me, I bought two things for the house (two Add-A-Rods) and nothing else. I still wish I'd bought that big platter with the rooster on it and the Fiesta salt and pepper shakers....

Now about that progress....On the west side of the house, the last little section needing a second coat of yellow paint now has one, the guttering is all painted cream, and the kitchen window looks spiffy. That was indeed the kitchen storm window in the back of the shed under the tomato cages, so after hauling it out of there and cleaning and painting it, I put it back on the kitchen window. Hopefully, no more frost on the inside of the kitchen window this winter.

And speaking of windows....I decided to go ahead and buy longer sheers for the front windows so the black muntins around the stained glass panes would show up better, so on Sunday night I raised the curtain rods from mid-window to top and hung the new sheers. What a difference that made, both inside and out! (Darnit, I wish I had a picture to show you.) On Monday I painted all the little muntins and the sash black on the other front window, did the same for one of the narrow windows on the side of the front parlor bump-out, painted all the window trim cream, and with my son's help re-hung the storm window during, appropriately, a rainstorm. Then I painted a little bit more of the house that's under the front porch roof and filled in some nail holes that I missed last fall.

And then....I braved the side porch. I should mention here that bugs freak me out. Freak. Me. Out. Dead or alive, I don't like 'em. I especially don't like the kind of bugs that fly and/or sting. So last fall when Larry and I discovered 50 or 60 mud-dawber nests under the shingles on the side porch I freaked out, screamed, jumped off the porch and vowed not to go back there until I absolutely have to. Guess what? Now I have to. So I put on my big-girl pants and my little paper mask so I wouldn't breathe in mud-dawber-nest-dirt, picked up my scraper, and commenced to removing the nests from the house. It horrifies me. It's like Cities of the Underworld for mud-dawbers. The catacombs under the streets of France. The Valley of the Kings in Egypt. All those dead mud-dawbers entombed in those nests....Ewww. Ick. Jeez. But I persevered until the yucky brown outdoor carpet glued to the porch floor was covered with mud-dawber debris. Then I cut that carpet into strips, ripped it off the floor, and threw it in the trash. The floor looks better than I thought it would overall, but the outer edges have a lot of water damage and the floor will need to be replaced sometime. I'm planning to do that immediately after I fall through it and not a moment before then.

So what's left to be done in the house-painting project? Dig this: the trim on nine windows (six large ones, two small ones, and one medium-sized one), the upper part of the east side of the house, the side porch (which is small—nine feet long and three feet wide), the area above the front parlor bump-out, the rest of the house under the front porch roof, the second coat on the area above the dining room bay, and the screen panel frames on the east side of the house. Oh, and the porch brackets need to be nailed in place. That's it. No really, it's not all that much. I know it sounds like a lot, but it's not. Really. I'm giddy just thinking about how close I am to finishing this massive, crazy project. Or maybe I'm delirious. Either way, I'm gonna make that August 10th deadline.


  1. Oh man, you are killing me! No pictures? Errr...

    Hope you figure out whats going on soon and that you meet your deadline.;D

  2. And on Aug 11 you will have to plant a sign in the yard -

    Progress as Promised
    with before & after pictures

    I'm thinking 3x4 foot would be appropriately modest size for advertising such stupendous progress.

    You are simply amazing.

  3. Just reading this made me want to lie down.

    We must have pictures. Give the people what they want by any means necessary.

  4. You passed up a rooster platter?! What's wrong with you woman?!

    You know, I could actually picture you scraping those mud dauber nests. Almost peed my pants. That's some seriously funny stuff.