Friday, July 3, 2009

Meanwhile, Across Town...

The whole west side of my house is now yellow....but I forgot to take photos. Anyway, as exciting as it is to me, for you looking at pictures of my newly-painted house is probably about as exciting as, well, watching paint dry. So I thought I'd share with you what's going on across town at my son's house.

My son bought his house, a little 1930s bungalow, about a year ago and moved into it with typical male disregard for the bright red trim throughout the house, the blue fish painted on the side of the bathtub, the giant stain on the laundry room linoleum that appears to be bodily fluids, and the ugly little kitchen.

Then he got married. And his new bride was moved nearly to tears by the ugliness of the kitchen. Looking in from the laundry room: And facing the opposite way, looking in from the living room:
"It's so ugly," she said to me one night on the phone. "The cabinet doors either don't open or don't stay shut, that plastic brick is terrible, only two of the drawers work, the light above the sink you have to turn on and off by unscrewing the light bulb, and the white floor always looks dirty...." She sighed. "I wish we could take the money we got as wedding gifts and fix up the kitchen." Being the supportive and loving mother-in-law that I am, I said I saw no reason why they shouldn't do that. Everyone needs a nice kitchen. Then I showed her the stock cabinets and countertops on the Lowe's website. I am an enabler.
So Dylan and Sarah tore out the cabinets. Then they tore up the ugly vinyl flooring. Then Sarah's dad and a local contractor came over. "Uh-oh," her dad said solemnly. "There's a lot of water damage on that outside wall and the floor under the cabinets." Now the kitchen has half a floor and the sill plate had to be replaced. Uh-oh indeed. Now the kitchen looks like this:

And because the kitchen wall seemed to be going a little wonky without the floor and the sill plate, Dylan's truck was holding up that part of the house. Uh-oh.

And now the sill plate's fixed. Not so much uh-oh anymore.

Except that they don't have a floor in the kitchen, the fridge and stove are in the laundry room, and the kids are eating at McDonald's an awful lot. Stay tuned for further updates.


  1. What, isn't that how everyone lives? Everyone reading this, anyway :-)

  2. That's just the way it goes with these fixer uppers. Look at the bright side, he'll have one happy bride when he's done.;D

  3. Laughing at KarenAnne's comment because when I read your assessment I was thinking "ANd what's so unusual about THAT?" :-)

    Glad you're makin' progress on the house. I, on the other hand, was virtually a slug yesterday!

  4. Bah, who needs a floor anyway. I have to say it looks better already even without the floor.

  5. I really think that it will work out better in the end... with all that water damage you dont know what it could have done to the house over time, at least now its taken care of for good.

    and I cant wait to see it when its done!