Sunday, July 12, 2009

August 10th

The 10th of August. August 10, 2008 is the day the shingle-ripping ended. It's the day my friend Harriet stopped her car in the middle of the street to applaud. It's the day I counted no less than 40 trash bags of shingles and tar paper in my yard. It's the day I returned the trusty Stanley Wonder Bar to White Trash Bob with a wee tear in my eye.

So it's fitting, I think, that I'm aiming for August 10, 2009 as the day the painting ends. It's possible. Between now and then, if I'm counting right—and I have been awake for hours and hours, so my counting could be faulty—but if I'm counting right, I have 15 days off. With good weather, determination, and a little bit of help, it's possible. You heard it here first.


  1. Good luck! Here's hoping Mother Nature is going to be nice to both of us. :-)

  2. I'm crossing my fingers for ya!