Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today Is Wednesday

Today is Wednesday. By the time you read this, it might be Thursday already, but as I write this, it's still Wednesday. Wednesday is the first day of my work week now. Not the first of my days off, as it used to be.

Today I picked the spent blooms off my petunias, watered all my container plants, yanked a piece of trim off the porch (Mare thought it should go there; I did not), replaced a little piece of moulding at the joint between the porch ceiling and the wall of the house, cleaned up the still-not-done kitchen, re-hung the living room curtains that one of the cats pulled down, made an appointment to get my hair did, watered in my new rose bush, had a long conversation with my future daughter-in-law about food for their wedding reception, (which made me hungry so I fixed a big bowl of chicken salad) shopped for more wine on, moved my mother-of-the-groom dress and my wrap to my mom's house where they will be safe from kitties, cut four strips of wallpaper for the kitchen and hung two of them...and then...

Then I realized that today is Wednesday. And I work tonight. And there's no time now for a nap. Shoot.


  1. Oh man. I hope you made it through the night. I would have been tired and ready for bed by then.

  2. I'm just wondering how many cups of coffee it took to get you through. I don't think I'd last a week working nights.

  3. That's quite a lot of activity for one embarking on a dramatic scheduling change! But, if anyone can handle it, I think it's you. Hope it goes well! :-)

  4. I drank a LOT of coffee...and to make matters worse, the guy relieving me this morning was coming off shift as a paramedic and couldn't get here til 8:30, an hour and a half later than I usually get to leave. Ah well, it's self-inflicted. I genuinely forgot it was Wednesday!