Sunday, May 31, 2009

Godspeed, Little Audie!

My poor little dog....First he gets shoved from pillar to post after his original owners couldn't take care of him. Next I take him in and he goes from scrappy little watchdog to fearful little thing after being blinded in an accident with my son's dog. Then the screaming started whenever I left the house. Now, for the past couple of weeks, he's had a permanent speck of blood on the end of his little nose from the cats sniping him as he walks past them. And that was the last straw. The little guy deserves better.

So I asked my friends if they could take him in. None of them seemed to want a blind Pomeranian with severe separation anxiety and a deep-rooted distrust of little kids. I asked the local no-kill shelter. They aren't equipped for doggies with disabilities. I asked our vet. She was hesitant to take him for fear she wouldn't be able to find him a home. So we struggled along for another week or so, Audie and I, as he lived more and more under my bed and I felt more and more that I was failing him.

And then my friend Rachel (Bless her heart!) happened to mention my situation to a friend of hers who works at an animal hospital, and that friend told her about the Fluffy Butts Rescue Resort. (That really is the name; click on the link and see for yourselves.) I emailed them, explained my situation, and they agreed to take in Audie. They specialize in small dogs, and the lady who will be his foster mom has a lot of experience with blind dogs. She assured me that if they can't find the "pawfect" home for Audie that he'll live with her for the rest of his life. I gathered up all Audie's chew toys (which are in remarkably good condition, because he always preferred my shoes to any toy) and his blankie, and his stuffed animals that have no heads cause he tore them off. I kept his little tiny collar. And then I took him on his last car ride with me and he barked the whole way to the Outlet Mall, where we met the very nice lady he'll live with until he goes to the Head FluffyButter's house in Iowa. I was a little sad at first, but on the way home I remembered the "doggie deck" video on the Fluffy Butts website and it made me happy to think of Audie trotting down that deck and playing in their big back yard with the other doggies. Godspeed, little Audie—oh, and I told them how much you love munching on baby carrots and they promised me you'll have some every single day. It's gonna be a great life for you there.


  1. Oh, this made me so sad. But you're right. He'll be happier there, once he gets settled in.

    What a generous woman that foster mom must be.

  2. It made me cry until I visited the site. I agree with WhyS?

  3. I feel for you. I hope I never have to make that would break my heart.
    I'm glad there are foster parents prepared to take care of his special needs. It sounds like a good place.

  4. It sounds like you already saved this little guy from disaster once. Now you’ve gone to the next step in trying to make his life better! He should be very happy there.

  5. this post made me cry... like randomly burst into tears cry... maybe its cause I dont know what I would do with out my dog (who I adopted a few months ago)

    but I commend you for making the hard choice and doing whatever it took to find the little guy a nice home, and who knows, maybe he will find a home with someone whos home alot and has all the time in the world to give him.