Friday, June 10, 2016

Just A Little Paint

I've spent a whole lot of time on my front porch this year, just sitting and doing nothing.  I don't feel guilty about this in the least.  After all, the whole purpose of having a nice front porch is to sit on it, right? 

But sometimes when I was sitting out there I'd look up at the spandrel on the east side of the porch and feel a little twinge.  See how it looks just a little ratty?  That's because I primed the spindles  and the trim pieces before Marion put the spandrel together, and then I never got around to painting the whole spandrel.  

Whoops.  Sometimes it bothered me enough that I waited until dark to go sit on the porch so I wouldn't have to see the unpainted spandrel.  Gradually I realized that's not really a good solution to the problem.

But painting it is.


  1. Your porch is looking great. Will the side porch has the same detail?

    1. The spandrel on the side porch is original (1910-ish) so it's chunkier but it's really pretty too!

  2. Looks good! You're also reminding me I need to get started up on my exterior work again...

  3. I know the feeling. Even as I neglected my own house and my own blog for other things, I've been wondering how you were and how the Kelly House is coming along. Nice little lick of paint, there. Now go sit on the porch and enjoy it.