Saturday, April 18, 2015

One Thing Leads To Another

Sometimes at the beginning of my days off I set a goal for myself.  Like last weekend, when I decided that the downspouts that fell off the house over the winter might work better if they were actually attached to the gutters. 
And then I looked at the flowerbed I outlined in the front yard and thought how ugly it looked with all that grass in it.
So I left the downspouts scattered in the yard (because that's not ugly, right?) and told myself that I'd just till up the flowerbed to get the grass out of it and then I'd hang the downspouts.
But just about the time I finished tilling up the yard (by hand, not with an electric tiller, and I have the blisters to prove it) my momma showed up with three rose bushes.  Double Knock-Out Roses.  So I said I'd just plant those rose bushes and then I'd hang the downspouts.
After I planted the rose bushes (after quite a bit of discussion with my momma about their placement) I thought they looked kinda lonely in there by themselves, so I dug up some epimedium (in front) and a couple catmint (in back) from another flowerbed and planted those too. 
In the interest of fair and accurate reporting, I feel I should tell you that the downspout visible in the above photo was already there because it's the only one that didn't fall off over the winter.
As I was carrying another downspout over to the corner of the house I noticed that now that the front flowerbed's a lot larger than it used to be there's a big empty space at that corner, so I left the downspout in the side yard and dragged Martina The Concrete Angel over to the corner.
By that time, it was starting to get dark.  The next day, it rained.  Every day since then I've been sleeping so I could work a whopping 72 hours this week.  Maybe on Monday I'll hang those downspouts...

Thursday, April 2, 2015

What I Did On My Winter Vacation

So.  I took an unplanned break from the blog.  A winter vacation, if you will.

And what did I do on my winter vacation?

Nothing.  Absolutely nothing. I did not finish the bathroom floor I started tearing up in December, I did not finish painting my kitchen cabinets white (that I started two years ago), I did not fix up my bedroom, and I did not do any of the other things on my to-do list.

Every winter I lose all motivation to do anything except complain about the weather, watch hours of Netflix, snuggle in my warm bed with the furbabies, and drink hot chocolate.  Usually I intersperse at least something productive in the middle of all that sloth.  This winter, I gave into it.  Actually, I wallowed in it. 

I'm only a little sorry about that.

Now that the weather is warmer and I've emerged from my hibernation--and I reserve the right to go back into grumpy-bear-hibernation mode if we get a freak snowstorm between now and June--I walked around the house and took stock of what needs to be done.

Marion and I need to hang the trim pieces around the inside edges of the front porch.  We've had the lumber since...oh, September or so...but various circumstances stopped us from finishing this up last fall.  I haven't talked to him for a couple of weeks, but last time I did he said he's healing well from his injury and he'll be ready to come back to work this month.  After we hang the trim pieces I'll paint the spandrel and the trim, and then the porch will be finished!

Bits and pieces of the house still need to be painted:  the laundry room window, the eaves here and there, pieces of trim, and that part of the east side of the house that's higher than I can reach.  If you bigify the photo, you can see how ratty the eaves look over there.  That's the biggest and worst part that still needs to be done.  Also, the downspouts need to be put back on the house and all the windows need to be caulked. Mare thinks that all this will take me about two weeks.  I say three.  Not bad either way, huh?
And then there's the side porch, the thing I'm most looking forward to working on.  This poor little porch has looked so sad ever since I moved in here.  Last summer it finally got a new floor (Mare built that) and I tore off the icky storm door to uncover that pretty door.  Sometime this year the porch will get a set of steps, a railing, and some lattice.  And probably different furniture...
And after that, guess what?  The outside of the house will be done.  Done!  Unless I win the lottery, I've gone as far as I can go in making this house look like it did in 1887.  (If I did win the Powerball, I'd buy the $30,000 worth of iron roof cresting the house originally had and hire a brickmason to rebuild the three chimneys, just for looks.)
Now we'll see how accurate that prediction of two or three weeks is...