Saturday, December 6, 2014

Is This Thing On??


Hello, is anybody there??

Is this thing on?  Can y'all hear me??

Wow.  Three weeks since I've posted. 

In that three weeks there's been a lot of working day shift for training (ugh) in my new job and a lot of switching back and forth between working the "front half" of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) and the "back half" of the week (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) but I think now I have something resembling a regular work schedule.  There's been a lot of driving back and forth to work that looks like this:
That photo was taken on the way home the other morning, a fact I'm certain of only because of the side of the road I was driving on.  In the winter, the drive at 6 a.m. looks almost exactly like the drive at 6 p.m.  That photo's symbolic of...well, a lot of things that I'd better not harp on too much.  Y'all probably understand.

There's been a lot of missing baseball and following the off-season trades and being glad I didn't buy that Billy Butler t-shirt after all, since we traded him. 

And finally, there's been a lot of denial about the end of the working-outdoors season.  That's always hard for me, but it was especially difficult this year because I was hell-bent on finishing the outside of the house.  I kinda left y'all hanging about how that went, so I'll fix that in the next post.  


  1. I have been wondering? Hope you are well, glad to hear it is just work!

  2. Good to hear from you! New job adjustment sort of soaks up everything else for awhile.

  3. Welcome back - you were missed

  4. Great to see you back! I figured that it was something about the new job, and actually doing stuff instead of taking photos and writing about doing stuff. Same here, but with a slightly shorter absence from the blog.

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