Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Theory

I have a theory.

After finding the original color of the house when we pulled the junky porch off (a color which is oddly similar to the current color of the house, only a bit lavender)

And after discovering that the fancy trim on the house was teal at one time, which inspired me to paint it that color again (which in turn caused one of my friends to refer to it disparagingly as "Miami Vice Blue")

And after finding that the fascia boards and corner trim were painted a pale orangey-yellow at one time (which, honestly, a part of me wants to do again if I thought that the Historic Preservation Commission might ever allow it)

I came up with the theory that the house was originally painted in colors to match the panes of stained glass in the front windows.
(Old photo; the curtains are different now.)

So today I decided to repaint the window sashes dark blue (Valspar Royal Navy) instead of black, to go with the blue in the windows.
Not as dramatic a difference as I had hoped.  (The one on the right is navy; the one on the left is black.) But then again, I don't want folks driving onto the sidewalk because they're gawking at my house and saying, "Oh my stars, she painted the window sashes blue!"  It really does show up better in person than in a photo, and I imagine it'll look even better on a sunny day rather than an overcast one like today.

Special thanks to Mayfair Mistress of Queen Anne's Revenge, who first gave me the idea to paint the sashes dark blue. 


  1. Cool.

    They were more adventurous with color back then.

    That's great that your house is back to it's original colors.

    Looking good and I hope you have dry weather this weekend. I can't handle anymore rain if I am to finish the front of the house before it snows.

    1. They sure were! Don't know that I'm really brave enough for the orangey-yellow. I played hooky this weekend and of course it was in the 80s and sunny all weekend. Ack.

  2. Oh I forgot this tid bit.

    The Royals will NOT sweep the Tigers unless more nakid photos of Verlander and Upton show up on the Internet. That might be distracting for him.

    1. The Tigers sure put the whuppin' on the Royals Friday night! Wow. Verlander is amazing. He's my favorite pitcher...except when he pitches against Kansas City. ;)

  3. I think you may be right about the paint matching the glass, and I love both the blues you've put up so far. Finding the right orangey-yellow to play nicely with the grey would certainly be a challenge, but worth it if you could pull it off!

    1. Thanks for the idea of the navy sashes! Today it was sunny and they really do look better navy. I've been playing with the Virtual Painter on the Valspar website...I don't think I'll ever paint it that color in real life. Definitely not this year!