Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Itty Bitty Work Day

We had an itty bitty work day before I went to work at The Real Job tonight. (Where, by the way, I have six more shifts because they've extended the shutdown date from the 2nd to the 15th of this month.) The rest of the main rafters are now up, and we have just a couple of little stubby ones to hang tomorrow.  That hip rafter's still sticking way out there taunting us, but Marion says he has a plan for it.  My guess is that the plan is to leave it sticking out there until we finish the soffit around the header joists, and then trim it off even.  At least, that's my plan for it because I can't figure out how to cut it off accurately any other way. 

As we were planning the work schedule for the next couple of days, Marion declared, "We'll be just about done with this thing by Thursday afternoon."  I think my idea of "just about done" and his might be a bit different.  We still have the soffit around the header joists to build, the stubby rafters, the decking, the beadboard ceiling, the flat rubber roof, the shingled roof on the mansard (sloped) part, the spandrel (spindles kinda like a ladder that go in between the posts), a gutter to cut and hang, and a decision to make about whether or not we're building a railing with balusters.  It doesn't seem possible that we can get all that done by Thursday afternoon, does it?

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