Saturday, September 20, 2014

Before The Snow Flies

My daughter-in-law and I were talking a few nights ago about how different the house looks with the new front porch and how, from some angles, it looks like the house is done and she asked me, "What else do you have to do before winter?"

So I made a list.  (In no particular order.)

1.  Ceiling, trim pieces, and spandrel on the front porch.
2.  Finish painting front porch.
3.  Install guttering above the front porch.
4.  Build railing and steps on the side porch.
5.  Scrape, prime, and paint the last section of the east side of the house.
6.  Rattle-can the wicker furniture.
7.  Weatherstrip the back door.
8.  Put Feed-n-Wax on the front door.
9.  Paint all the bits of the house that I've forgotten to paint.

Sarah looked at me like I'm not quite bright and said, "Before the snow flies?  Sheesh!"

I said, "Obviously I'm gonna have to get up early and work late."

Sarah laughed and said, "Really early and get a floodlight!"

So now I'm thinking that items 1, 2, and 8 could be done by floodlight...or at least porch light.  

I'm posting the list here for accountability purposes.  We'll see.


  1. what is "rattle-can the wicker furniture"? I've never had any.

    1. I think it means spray paint, as in shake the can and the little metal thing in there rattles.

      I've never had wicker furniture either, but on the topic of not wood furniture, I have two chrome and cane chairs. I read recently that these can't be repaired if the cane seating goes. Good thing I didn't know that before I had that repaired :-) Now I'm hoping the guy who did that where I lived before is not the last person on earth doing it.

    2. Yep, it means spray paint!

      Someone said cane seating can't be repaired?? Wow. My neighbor across the street just had his repaired after he stood on it to reach something on the top shelf in his kitchen and fell through the seat, so there are at least two people in the world still fixing it!