Saturday, August 30, 2014

Rafters And A Rainout

Our goal on Friday was to hang the last two ledger boards (the boards nailed to the house that the porch is attached to) and hang all the rafters.

We hung the ledger boards with no trouble.  (And I forgot to take photos, but it's not really that exciting.)

Then we started in on the rafters. 

With the first three rafters up, you can start to see how the porch roof will tuck in just under the eaves of the house. 

I could never have figured out how to make the slope of the mansard roof just right.  Good thing Mare has built quite a few of these and has it down to a science.  From bottom up, first the ceiling joist, then the "Pat piece" to add a little height, and then the rafter.  Here Mare's marking the edge of the rafter so he knows where to cut it.
Then he marks the angle with an angle tool and one or the other of us (almost always him) cuts the rafter to length and we nail it in.  Repeat as necessary. 

We got about half the rafters done on the front side of the porch.

And about half the rafters done on the east side of the porch.

And then we hung the big hip joist and the hip rafter and stood there on ladders going "Uhhhh...." for longer than we probably should have because we couldn't quite figure out how to cut those two pieces of lumber to length.  That's why they stick way out there at the corner and look dorky.  See, the edges of them have to be lined up with the joists and rafters on both the front and the side of the porch and that has us temporarily stymied.  I said, "I think we should've hung two of 'em and cut one even with the front and the other even with the side so they come together at the end kinda mitered like."  And Mare said, "Something like that is probably gonna happen."  

Then we continued to stand on the ladders and ponder this until my friend Chris walked into the front yard and said, "Are ya gonna stand on them ladders all day?!" and I said, "We're just trying to figure out this stupid hip rafter."

At which point Mare said, "Hip rafter.  That sounds like a country music singer."

And I said, "Hip Rafter, appearing Friday night at the Snorty Horse Saloon."

And Chris said, "Y'all are crazy."

Which everybody already knows, right??

Shortly after that it poured down rain and we retreated to the Mexican restaurant for chimichangas and a good visit with our friend John while we waited out the thunderstorm.

When I got home, I took a couple more photos of the porch.

I might be in love with this porch already.

I mean, really. I think this porch is The One.

Today I'm going to finish priming all the porch posts (we primed them on sawhorses, so there are spots we missed) and go around and get rid of that yellow stripe around the top there, and maybe paint some of that trim if I have time, and then I'm going down to my friend Doug's farm to make some salsa because I have a bumper crop of tomatoes and there are only so many BLTs one woman can eat.

Porch construction resumes on Tuesday afternoon.


  1. I know it is the end of summer when I can no longer look at a BLT.

    The porch is beyond FAB U LOUS!

    Hip that your new stripper name? You can strip down to just a tool belt.....????

    1. I'm about to that point myself, Jan. I love BLTs, but eating them twice a day for a couple of weeks now...yeah.

      Stripper name! LMAO!!!

  2. This is so exciting!! What a difference this already makes to your house! (now you have me hungry for Mexican food.)

    1. I think it already makes a big difference, too.

      Please tell me that the rose bush I chopped down to about a foot off the ground will come back next spring....

    2. Sounds like it has branches left above the root graft, if there is a graft. Fertilizer and watering in the spring, and I would say yes.

      Is this an old rose? They are amazingly tough. Some came with my first house. They laugh at modern roses.

  3. It's an old rose, but I don't know what kind or how long it's been there. I hope it does come back.