Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Monopoly Money

Sometimes there's a fine line between brave and stupid.

That "provisional money" that the bank put back in my account has been burning a hole in my pocket.  The email from the bank said only "Funds have been deposited provisionally in your account.  If our investigation determines that the transaction was a valid one, the funds may be reversed."  Huh?  

I called Banker Dude first and read the email to him.

"So what they're saying is that this is just Monopoly money, right?" I asked.

He told me that it's not Monopoly money, it's real money that I can use, and then he explained in detail what provisional funds are and how a dispute investigation works.  Or at least I think that's what he was talking about, because I didn't hear anything after the words "real money".  When he paused, I told him I had to go right quick because the cat ran away.  Whew.  There's only so much talk about money that I can take.

Then I called my bank just to double-check.  

Me:  "I have a question about what provisional funds are and I don't need a big explanation, okay?  I just want to know if it's real money I can use or if it's like Monopoly money."

Customer Service Person at Capital One:  "Yes, provisional funds are real money you can use.  The only way the funds would be reversed is if we discover that you filed a fraudulent dispute inquiry."

Me:  "Okay, thanks, bye."

Kudos to the guy at Capital One for not laughing at me.  

And then I did the thing that's either brave or stupid.  I called back the company that I originally ordered my porch posts from (Vintage Woodworks in Quinlan, Texas) and I told them I wanted to cancel my first order and place a new one for exactly the same thing.  I stayed on the phone with them to make sure my debit card went through.  They said that my posts will be shipped out on Thursday and I should have them on Monday or Tuesday.  

Sending another big chunk of money to the same folks that lost an identical big chunk of money just a couple of weeks ago?  That's either really brave and we'll be starting on the porch next week, or it's really stupid and I'll be filing another dispute inquiry with the bank next week.  

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