Sunday, July 13, 2014


Nothing says "Welcome to my home!" like a boarded-up front door.  I mean, really, the door, the boarded-up window, the welcome mat thrown to the just screams of curb appeal.

The mailman came by the other day, stopped in his tracks on the front porch, and said, "Uhhhh...."  Apparently my request to hold my mail didn't get there before he started his route.  (I have a mail slot in the front door and no mailbox.)  I jokingly told him he could use that hole in the plywood down close to the floor and just poke the mail through that.  He said that was very kind of me to offer, but after today he'd just throw my mail in a box and I can come by the post office to get it.  That probably works better for all of us.

So why is my front door still boarded over, weeks after we finished tearing off the porch?  I knew y'all would ask that.

It's not procrastination.  Not this time, anyway. I actually put this piece of plywood up after the porch demo was finished.  

With no porch roof to protect it, the front door was taking a real beating from all the sun and the rain.  After about a week or so it looked pretty bad.  See all that faded wood and the shellac peeling off on the bottom half of the door?  I didn't want to let that keep happening for another month or so (and that's being really optimistic!) without a porch roof, so I boarded it up.  That stopped the damage.  I'll still have to give the door a really nice spa day with Howard's Feed-N-Wax and Restor-A-Finish after this is all over.  Poor little front door.  

ps:  Check out the color of the sky in that first photo.  Not edited.  The sky really was that blue the other day.  Amazing.


  1. Your front door is gorgeous! Wise to cover it up and protect it. Believe me, I get the frustration with dealing with life in a construction zone. :-)

  2. I love that door. I'd board it up too.