Thursday, May 1, 2014

How I Spent My Vacation

So I took a couple of vacation days, and apparently that vacation extended to the blog, too.  Oops.  Here's a promise I'll post more often, and a rundown of what I've been doing so we're all caught up.

I should not be left unsupervised on rainy days when there's a paint rebate going on at Lowe's, because this happens:

My kitchen went from yellow to blue.  I've wanted a turquoise-y blue kitchen for several years, and now I have one.  (The color is Lake Country by Valspar.)  

After my son scolded me for never doing anything fun on my days off  (what?? scraping paint is fun!) I saw the wisdom of his advice and my mom and I went to Hilltop Farm & Greenhouse and bought the stuff to make fairy gardens.

Here's hers:
And one of mine that she helped me with:
And another one I made later after getting home and wishing I'd bought that cute little gnome with the lawnmower (I just had to go back for him!):
It wasn't all fun, though.  I had to go to the Courthouse to straighten out my personal property taxes.  Ugh.  As usual, I got distracted by the tile floor in there.
Isn't that beautiful?  I love that Greek key border.

The balusters on the railing of the staircase to the second floor courtroom caught my eye, too.

And look at that decorative trim along there.  Little details like that just aren't done much anymore.  The Lafayette County Courthouse was built in 1847 and is the oldest courthouse west of the Mississippi still in use as a courthouse.  I've been in it thousands of times, but I still gawk at the architectural details of it.

I caught up on all my tv shows on Hulu.  Wasn't the season finale of Scandal just jaw-dropping??  I like Olivia with Jake.  I think.  That whole show is just cah-razy.  Once Upon A Time is my current favorite show.  That guy who plays Captain Killian Hook....drool-worthy.  And now one of my friends has gotten me hooked on Resurrection.  I have a feeling that's a one-season show.

Of course, it wouldn't be days off without at least a little paint-scraping.
That bottom part is ready for primer, so the nail holes and cracks jump out against the white primer, and then some caulk.  Jan said I need two good work days and I'll be done with the front of the house.  I think I need two good work days, a taller ladder, and counseling to help me overcome my fear of heights.  

Work continues on the front porch demolition.  More about that next time. 


  1. I so love the blue.

    Gnome with a lawnmower......what a hoot. I bought a 6 inch plastic gnome that looked like it was carved out of wood. It was on sale for 75% off so I bought it and hid it in my sister's flower bed.

    I love the floor and balusters.

    You're getting more done outside than I am. Rain rain rain. Better not rain on F-Sat-Sun. Tigers are in KC. Roar!!!!!

  2. I'm so jealous - the day I decided to return to scraping and painting the weather forecast turned to thunder and rain for the week. I laughed about the courthouse too, the only time I've done jury duty was in the oldest courthouse in the US, 1805, in Newburyport Mass. It was two weeks of paid vacation, without air conditioning it got so hot the judge let us go every day around noon lol... Love that blue paint!

  3. The fairy/gnome gardens are so CUTE! (My old house came with a pile of plastic '70s gnomes--which I of course, left hiding for the next people). I'd love to make one, but the extensive (only partially tended for spring at this point) gardens here make that a fickle idea at this point :(. LOL! My guy is away for a few days, so I will be spending my alone/vacation time stripping paint off of doors and door hardware. Not sure if that's the fun or unfun part of the weekend. But really, does it GET more fun than that?! Perhaps the "funn-ER" project will be to finish cleaning out the flower beds...

  4. Love the color in the kitchen! Can't wait to see more photos of the porch! Happy vacation days!