Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Big Discovery

We made a big discovery a couple of days ago on the front porch:  the original roof line!

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The boys uncovered it above the front door.  When they pulled off the existing roof and I saw that, I was really excited and started yelling, "Look, unpainted clapboards!  Look!  That must be the original roof line!" Dylan and Steve looked at me like I was crazy.  That may have been because they were being attacked by a swarm of thousands of ants at the time, and I was making them stop work so I could take that photo.

But I continued undaunted.  "Don't you think it's exciting?!  I knew we'd be able to see the original roof line at some point after you got all the new stuff off the house, and there it is!  I thought it'd be higher than it is now, too, because I knew, I just knew, that the original roof line wouldn't have been lower than the trim around the windows!  I bet when you guys get to the side I'll be able to see the original pitch of the roof, and I bet it's not as flat as it is now!  Why aren't you guys more excited about this?!  I mean, that's the whole point of doing this."

Dylan said, "That might be the point of it for you.  For us, the point is to finish it up so we don't have to deal with this crap anymore."

I guess it's less exciting when it's you doing the work and being attacked by ants.  


  1. Ahhhhhh....nuttin like a good witness mark to make an old house fanatic heart skip a beat.

    Continue on.

  2. Never mind them ... we're all excited right along with you!