Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Goldilocks and the Three Porches

Everybody knows the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Well, I'm kinda like Goldilocks.  Except that what has to be just right isn't my porridge or my bed, it's my front porch.

When I bought the house my front porch looked like this:

Too dark.  

Also, too dingy, too closed-in, too big.  And those fake wrought iron posts had to go. Yuck.

So then in 2009, Mare and I did this:

My favorite post about that project is right here.  

Better.  Okay, much better.  

Lighter.  More open, nicer posts, prettier.  But still not exactly right.  Too big.  The roof's too flat.  I wasn't sure screening it in was the right thing to do.  

So after I get the approval of the Historic Preservation Commission, after I tear off the existing porch, and after the weather breaks and Mare actually shows up to help me, we'll build the third porch.  It will look something like this:

(Thanks to Dylan for the Photoshop job.)  

Something like that, but not exactly.  Ever so slightly smaller, because the original porch was 18 inches shorter on each side than the existing one.  With spandrel (small spindles) all the way around the top.  And three porch posts at the corner.  Without screen.  Maybe with steps the entire width of the porch.  (Maybe; I haven't decided yet.) 

And then, the porch will be just right.


  1. It looks like it "belongs." Not that the current porch doesn't, but this is somehow an integral part of the house more.

    How would steps the entire width work, wouldn't part of them be steps into screening?

    1. Thanks. I think it looks like it belongs, too.

      I'm giving up my screened porch. Maybe. Okay, probably. Well, maybe. Haha! If I really do give up the screening, then the steps will go all the way across. They did originally.

  2. Karen is right. It totally looks like it was original.

    Just remember don't get a case of the vapors when Mare is around.

    Love that front door.

    1. Hahaha! I'll try not to pass out when I see him. He just LOVES to tell people that I swooned at the sight of him.

      I love my front door, too. I need to get it cleaned up and put some Feed&Wax on it again.

  3. Love the new porch idea! I crave an open porch, but in our part of NJ, that will get you carried off my the mosquitos!

    1. Actually, I'm worried about the mosquitos too. I'm thinking about screening in my side porch (although it's really tiny) so I have a bug-free zone.

  4. Love the third porch! Beautiful!