Friday, February 7, 2014

What I Learned

They say you learn something new every day.  Well, this week that old adage has proven itself.  In spades.

Monday I learned that if you have a programmable thermostat which has batteries and you let said batteries go dead, the thermostat won't work anymore and your house will be really cold when you get home after being gone for 14 hours.  When I say "really cold", I mean that I put new batteries in the thing and watched the digital readout zoom down like an elevator in a highrise: 67, 66, 65, 64, 63, 62...all the way down to 49, 48, which point I stopped looking, put on long johns under my jammies, and went to bed.  After I heated up my bed with a blowdryer.  

Tuesday I learned that if there's a Winter Weather Advisory that includes the phrases "treacherous travel" and "near whiteout conditions" that my usual 40-minute commute to work takes 80 minutes.  I got there 15 minutes before shift change, which I consider my greatest accomplishment so far this winter.

Wednesday I learned that although the Brave Little Toaster (my Kia Soul) can make it through terrible driving conditions including black ice and drifts of snow on the highway, it cannot get through bumper-deep snow in the alley behind my house, despite my best efforts.  After nearly an hour of trying various things to get my car unstuck, I abandoned it at the edge of the alley jack-knifed in front of my neighbors' SUV.  I'm glad they didn't want to go anywhere.

Thursday I learned that on the coldest day of the year when there's a Wind Chill Warning in effect, people who clear snow can charge top dollar for their services.  I paid a guy 40 bucks to dig out the Toaster by hand and make a path from the alley to my carport, and I consider this money well spent.

I can hardly wait to see what new learning experiences I have next week.


  1. My programmable thermostat shoots my temp upward causing my meter to spin right off the side of my house.

    This winter sucks.

  2. I'm not sure mine is working right either. I had it on 65 and it was stifling hot in here at times. I have it set on 55 and 60 now and it's comfortable. Fairly certain that's not the actual temp in my house.

    I got my gas bill last week and it was more than my car payment. This winter really does suck.

  3. It's been so dang cold up North of you here that since it's an appliance that vents to the outside, my dryer won't heat properly. Some of my plaster cracked in an upstairs bedroom. A couple of my doors aren't hanging properly because the lack of humidity has cause them to warp. Gas bill, ditto. I'm starting to buy body lotion in startlingly large quantities. And I can't feel my ankles. When's April?

  4. My house has started to make strange noises in this cold. I'm wondering what that's about...

    I'll bet your animals were cuddled up.

    As I was reading, I started to think, I'd better find out if my thermostat has batteries, then I remember having to change them a few months ago. I think the display was flashing. But it's not programmable, so I look at it a couple of times a day to set it. Does yours chirp or something if the battery is low? Just a display indication would be useless for a programmable one, I would think.

    I wish mine were programmable, but the installer didn't know how to set that kind up, and it's hard enough to get anyone to come out here in the boonies to do anything.