Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Room of Shame

Well, it's snowing here again. Spring officially began on Wednesday and it's twenty-some degrees outside and snowing.  In March.  This is unacceptable.  I have half a house to scrape and paint here, for goodness sake, and I don't want to miss too many baseball games to do it, so Mother Nature needs to get her stuff together.  Since it appears she's not going to do that any time soon, I'm having to find things to do on the inside of the house.

So I started cleaning up the Room of Shame.  That's proof these are desperate times, indeed.

Several hours and five trash bags later, the room looks a whole lot better:

Just try to imagine how bad it was before.
A whole lot better than what, I'm not sure.  A landfill, maybe?  Most of this stuff is destined for the family yard sale in May, so it's really not as bad as it looks.  Those curtains are staying though.  Nothing like foam-backed, pinch-pleated curtains from a 1970s hotel room.  No really, they are from a hotel room.  The people who owned this house before me also owned the Lexington Hotel, and most of the curtains that were in the house when I moved in probably came from there. These are the last of the hotel curtains.  What's extra cool about the curtains to the left in the photo is that the curtain rod is like seven feet long, so the curtains cover not only the window, but most of the wall too.  At least they cover part of the craptastic paneling on the walls.

I'd planned to take several pictures of the other awesome stuff in this room, like the dropped ceiling and the gap between the floor and the wall, but then I saw this:

And I got the heck out of there.  Maybe next week.


  1. good call... take a swatter or spider spray in next time!

    1. I ran out to get the swatter and when I came back in, the spider was gone. So it's in the house...somewhere...which really freaks me out.

  2. Okay, fine. When that snow gets to me sometime late tomorrow, I'll say to myself, "Look, here's Jayne's snow." And I'll think of you and wonder if that spider still holds sway in the Room of Shame.

    A swatter is a good weapon of choice. Or a large flexible shoe with a smooth sole.

    (I once had a cat I could call to rescue me from any leggedy critter. My current crew don't mind helping out if they're on the scene, but as for responding to an SOS, meh.)

    1. Kate, I hope the snow misses you! It's really coming down out there now.

      I actually held Louis Cat up and said, "Get the spider!" I got the "meh" look from him. lol