Monday, March 11, 2013

Signs of Spring

I think Spring might finally be on her way to Missouri, although she's dragging her feet about it a little bit.  (Or maybe I'm just extra-anxious for winter to be over.)  In between the patches of snow still left in my back yard, I can see green here and there where Esther's daffodils and iris are starting to pop through.  I hear geese flying back north almost every day.  The Royals are at the top of the Cactus League in Spring Training.      There's water over the road on the highway that runs along next to the river.

And my bathroom roof is leaking again.  Dangit.

See how the roof of the addition to the house is flat? (Yes, I did in fact get in the Wayback Machine to obtain this photo, thanks for asking.  That's the back of the house in 2009.)  And see where the taller part of the addition meets the shorter part?  The leak is right there.  I'm guessing that two big snows (one with blowing winds which piled the snow up in that corner) followed by two days of rain were more than the patch on the roof could handle.  The water's not pouring in.  So far it's not even dripping.  The only way I can tell there's a leak is that the wallpaper on the bathroom ceiling is discolored.  If it's dry on my days off this week (not likely) I'll have to climb up there and patch the roof again.  When Spring really gets here, I'll have someone who actually knows what they're doing come out and give me recommendations on a better fix.


  1. Ugh, that type of corner is the worst for leaking. You'll probably have to have them install new flashing. Fought that issue on an old Italianate home for years.

  2. Oh so sorry hear of your leak!! I hope the insurance can take care of that Christine above is right probably needs new flashing!! good luck! and Happy Spring!!

    1. Marissa, the deductible on my homeowner's insurance is ginormous, so I'm on my own for this one. Happy Spring to you too!

  3. New flashing, that's what I was thinking, although I'm not a roof person.

  4. Christine and Karen Anne, I didn't think of that myself, but you're probably right. There's a big piece of tin there now and I bet water's getting in under it. Probably need to take that off and put some real flashing there. I hope it's that simple.

  5. I think you should call a roof expert right away while leak is not that bad yet. It may not be dripping for now, but there could be a developing scratch inside, and it would only take a few rainy days before it could get worst.

    Lue Madson

  6. Hi, Jayne! I hope your roof has been better fixed. Stains in the wall and ceiling is an indication of roof leaks. Don't ignore these little signs even when it's not causing disturbance yet, little problems when ignored for a long time cause major damage.

    Chantay Smithingell @

  7. Lue and Chantay are right! Leaks don't go away or get better when ignore; they get worse and cause more damage. It's crucial to check your roof every spring or fall for growing fungus, and if there are, clean it right away and put in a zinc or lead control strips.
    Terence Watthens @