Monday, January 14, 2013


I've given a lot of thought to that list of mine from the last post.  (My work schedule is kinda odd, so thinking about it is pretty much all I can do until the middle of next week.)  I think I'll start on my laundry room next, with the pantry makeover thrown in when things start not going well in the laundry room--because you know at some point that will happen.

So this time I'll share pretty pictures of what's inspiring me to redo the laundry room.

I kinda fell in love with the beadboard wallpaper from the bathroom makeover, so I think I'll use that in the laundry room to cover up the horribly ugly walls in there.  I'm thinking floor to ceiling, like this:

Source: via Jayne on Pinterest

Make that floor to ceiling and the ceiling.  (Wait 'til I show you the laundry room; you'll understand.)

Speaking of the floor...that's a big problem.  The trapdoor to the basement is right in the middle of the room, so I can't put real tile down--which I'd love to do--because I'd need a crane to lift the trapdoor.  There's a boat winch on the wall now (not kidding) that I use to crank the door open like a drawbridge, but I'd really like to get rid of that thing.  I considered putting down laminate, but I'm not sure how I'd seal the edges on the trapdoor and its opening.  (If anyone has any ideas about that, I'd love to hear them.)  Then my friend Christy posted this on Pinterest:

I swooned.  That rug.  Wowza.  PeeWee Herman once said, "Everybody I know has a big but".  I have a big but, too.  Here it is:  BUT, my laundry room is the most high-traffic room in the house and it's where the furbabies are corralled when I'm at work so a big wool rug in beautiful pale colors is not a good choice.  Sigh.  And also, dagnabbit.  And even, Hell's bells.  It's so pretty.  I couldn't get that rug out of my mind.  And then one day (when I had fever) I had a dream that I made big gigantic stencils based on the design in that rug and painted my laundry room floor.  I'm obsessed with this idea now, and I haven't had fever in almost a week, so we'll see if I actually do it.

Remember the shingles that were all over the outside of my house?  Well, I have them on the inside of the house, too, on the shared wall between the laundry room and the bathroom.  I was wondering what to do with them--and dreading having to take them off and fix the wall--and then I saw this on The Lettered Cottage:

Look at that--painted shingles.  They look cute and cottage-y when they're painted, don't they?  I started putting primer on mine a week or so ago.  Those things are really dry, so it's going to take a lot of primer.  Two coats and it still looks kinda like whitewash.

I still haven't decided what color to paint the laundry room.  I'm thinking of a sort of bluish-grayish-greenish color, not too dark or too light.  Why is picking a paint color such an overwhelming decision??  Even knowing (sorta) what color I want, I still have 15 or so paint chips on the wall.

Pretties this time; uglies next time.  Pinky swear.


  1. How are you going to get in the basement if you seal the trapdoor?

    I'd love to put beadboard wall paper on some ceilings, but how does one wallpaper a ceiling...

  2. Karen Anne, Haha! I guess that was kinda stupidly worded...What I mean is, I'd have to put something on the edges of the trapdoor and the opening to it, in order to hold the laminate in place. (That still doesn't make any sense....)

    Wallpapering a ceiling is a challenge. It works better if you have someone to help you. I usually don't, so I have to cut each strip of wallpaper fairly short so that I can push it against the ceiling until the paste takes hold. Otherwise, gravity works against me.

  3. Laminate floors are really not as easy to keep as they say... My sister had them and if you didn't mop daily you could see the dust EVERY DAY! also you can't spill NOTHING on the floors! consider ceramic tile that looks like hard floors super easy to take care of!!!