Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Inside, Outside, Upside-Down

I have a plan.  More than one plan, actually.  Lots of plans.  Plans that will take me the whole year to complete.  If I complete them at all, I mean.  (Y'all know how that goes.)  I have all these plans bouncing around in my head and distracting me from important things like off-season MLB trades, so I thought I'd make a list.


Fix up the laundry room.  Formerly (and sometimes still) known as the back porch, it's the first thing people see when they walk into my house.  It doesn't make a very good first impression.  The closest thing I can compare it to is a garage--I don't have a garage, so the laundry room gets all the crap stacked in it that people usually put out in their garages.  Except for my car.  That's outside.

Organize the pantry.  It's not really a pantry; it's a little closet in the kitchen.  I have cereal and pasta and dog chewies and my breadmaker and paper towels and a hundred other things all jam-packed in there and I can't find anything.  I'm not planning to go crazy and spend a hundred bucks on cute containers and chalkboard labels and all that, but I would like to straighten it up.  Mainly so I don't buy another 6 cans of tuna thinking I don't have any and then find 23 cans of tuna already in there.  (Y'all think I'm kidding, but I'm not.)

Finish the doors we glued back together.  Remember when we took the sawed-in-half doors off the hinges and glued 'em back together again?  Well, one of them still doesn't have a doorknob on it and three of them still aren't painted, and that was almost four years ago.

Figure out my bedroom and/or possibly move into another bedroom.  The bedroom I'm in now has six doors and a window in it.  One of those doors goes to the outside, which kinda freaks me out.  There's almost no wall space, which makes arranging furniture in there a challenge.  Also, the longest (widest?) wall in there is curved.


Finish the west wall of the house.  This is the wall we started scraping on last May, and almost all of it is scraped and painted, except for a 15-foot-wide section where the paint is nearly impossible to remove.  As soon as the weather gets nice, I'll be out there working on that.  I also need to fix a couple of trim pieces over there and neaten up a patch of clapboards that someone nailed over a basement window.  (Stupid.)

Finish the north wall of the house.  That's the back of the house.  I got a pretty good start on scraping it last fall, and I even put a big ole swatch of primer on it, but it's far from done.  We still need to replace those clapboards that are on there all whopper-jawed where they patched in the old back door.

If I can get those two things done this year, I'll be happy.  No small potatoes, that.


Overhaul the Room of Shame.  The back bedroom (the one connected to the bathroom I just re-did) is an unmitigated disaster.  For the entire time I've owned this house, I've tried to pretend it doesn't exist.  I'm not sure what happened in there, but in addition to looking like a disaster I think it may have suffered an actual disaster.  Maybe a flood.  Or maybe the roof caved in.  It's that bad.  It needs a new ceiling, a new floor, and maybe even new walls.  So of course, I'm thinking of moving my bedroom in there.  Really.

So there it is.  The 2013 To-Do List.  At the end of this year we can look back on it and marvel at all the things I accomplished laugh at all the things I didn't get done.


  1. Wow~ you got your work cut out for you! That's a long list! I too have a list not as long but, mainly our back yard needs some love! We want to extend our patio another 10 feet with cement and a roof, put up a fence so, I don't see alley and finally put a pool that is what I want we shall see!! keep your goals one day you shall see your dreams into reality!!

  2. When I lived in my two bedroom house out in California, the bedroom I used had a door to the outside. Why did they do that? I speculate, but can't come up with a reason. There are many things I'd like to know about that house, like what the kitchen looked like before it was remuddled.

    I used that room as my bedroom because the other bedroom didn't have a closet in it. I put a bureau across the door to the outside. The bureau top was a good place for a cat to lounge on and view the world, although I had most of the window blocked by a shade.

    I would organize the pantry first. Pull everything out of that, line the shelves, and then commune with how to set it up. No matter how chaotic the rest of my house looks, the pantry is a thing of beauty.

  3. No way has it been four years since the doors. Really? Gads.

    I applaude you for having goals. If you meet them great and if not just add them to the list next year. It's not like any of it will magically go away.

  4. Karen Anne, My bedroom door leads out to a little side porch, and when I picked that as my bedroom I had this idea that I'd sit out there on the side porch all the time. So far, I never have. Not once.

  5. Do the pantry first - it will help make the rest of your life feel under control - especially when you've got messy or big projects going on. Besides - I can't wait to see what you do!

    I'm trying to get my mother-in-law's pantry under control. The hardest part is that she doesn't check the pantry before going shopping. It was understandable when things were shoved in there with no organization but I pulled everything out one weekend & somewhat organized it. I tried to shame her about multiples of things she no longer eats that are way past the expiration date but no luck!

  6. Marissa, My back yard needs some love too--but I think that might have to wait a while. Good luck with yours!

  7. Christine, Yes, four years. It's a testament to my excellence in procrastination.

  8. Cheryl, I also go shopping before I check the pantry. I'm hoping that organizing the pantry will break me of that habit.