Sunday, December 30, 2012

Step One

Step One in the De-Crapification of my laundry room:

Getting rid of this mess.

Yes, folks, this is the first thing people see when they walk into my house.  (Because the back door is used way more often than the front door, which leads into my pretty little foyer.)  Actually, this photo doesn't really do justice to the crapification that I've allowed to happen to the laundry room.  About half an hour before this photo was taken, there was a little vintage folding table next to that trunk.  It was piled high with tools, plastic bags from the grocery store, and junk mail.  I didn't think to take a photo until after I'd thrown away 98% of what was on the table and then banished the table to the back bedroom.  And yes, I do always have two containers of kitty litter.  Trust me, you don't want to run out of that stuff.

After I cleaned off the table and took that photo, I remembered that I told y'all I wouldn't start the de-crapification until after I'd finished the bathroom.  So I did this:
More stenciling.  I'm now slightly more than halfway done.  It's going a bit faster now that I've got the hang of it.  (By the way, all those blank areas around the edges will be filled in.  I just have to either cut the stencil apart or do it by hand when I'm done with the main part of the floor.)  I really am almost done with the bathroom.  Really.  I promise A Big Reveal when it's done.

And then, because there's only so much stenciling I can take before I start to get really cranky, I cleaned up the rest of the mess in the laundry room and put a little telephone table where the mess used to be.  The tag on the table calls it a "gossip bench", which I happen to think is a really cute name for it, but my momma says it should be called a telephone table.  My momma rules.  Telephone table, it is.
Libbi and Louis think I bought it for them.  And really, as my friend Mandy said, "it fits them perfectly", so why not?  I made them both paw-promise that they wouldn't barf on it.


  1. I thought it was customary to barf on either upholstered furniture or a rug.

    Is that chest salvageable?

  2. Karen Anne, They think it's customary, too! I think the chest is salvageable. It's metal (tin?) with wood trim, so my idea was to strip all that paint off of it and maybe use it for an end table.

  3. Bathrooms are the absolute worst, aren't they? Yours is definitely nearing the end zone!

    Crazy, too, how many other little areas get neglected while we focus on something else. LOVE that last picture. what cuties!

  4. I love the term de-crapification. That might be my new catch phrase for awhile.

    LOVE the telephone table. It really does seem like it's made just for them.

  5. Its coming along!! can't wait to see how the bathroom turns out!!!