Monday, December 17, 2012


I made cranberry scones from scratch a few days ago. This conversation followed.

Me: I made some scones if you want one.
Charlie: What the hell's a scone?
Me: Those things on the counter, those are scones.
Charlie: I know, but what ARE they?
Me: They're like biscuits, sorta.
Charlie:  What do you mean, "sorta"?
Me:  Hang on, I'll look it up.  Scone.  A single-serving cake or quick bread, originally hailing from Scotland.
C: I'm not eatin' 'em.
Me: And why not?!
C: Because I don't eat things that I've never heard of or that I can't pronounce.
And that is why I devoured 8 scones in two days.
(Should you want to make scones--either to share or to devour all on your own--you can find the recipe I used here.)


  1. I love scones, but don't make them that often. Probably for the same reason, my husband just couldn't figure them out. He will eat a muffin any day though. Have a great holiday!

  2. How funny! I love scones especially cranberry ones yummy! My husband prefers pan dulce I'll eat anything lol

  3. My husband has a good recipe for rosemary scones. Oh, I should ask him to make them for me again! Mmmm.

  4. Anyone who can't pronounce "scone" doesn't have the moral high ground to be snobby about fresh baked treats. Just sayin' ...

  5. Karen Anne, I noticed that too! Hooray!!

  6. Re: tweet about laundry room, lucky your pipes didn't freeze.

    My heating system can't quite keep up when it's this cold out (21 degrees). I am not looking forwards to 9 below :-)

    I open the upper kitchen cabinets and it's Arctic in there. I assume there's insulation behind them (one never knows in this house), maybe it's due to being in direct contact with the outer wall.

    Hopefully Pella will show up in a couple of weeks to re-weatherstrip my deck doors, which have created a microclimate near them that's several degrees lower than the rest of the house. I'll put one of those 3M insulating window kits over them if that doesn't work.