Friday, October 26, 2012


The other day, out of nowhere, Charlie said, "You rely on me too much."

What?!  That's something I've never had a guy tell me.  "You're too independent."  Oh, yes.  "Why don't you ask for help once in a while?"  All the time.  But being accused of relying on a guy too much?  Never.

So, in the spirit of self-reliance, I decided to remove the crappy old vanity from the little bathroom.  This is something I know how to do.  This is something I've done before.  And without the help of any man.  I am confident.  I am independent.

And then I discovered the shut-off valves under the sink don't really shut off the water.  Even if they did, I can't get to the nuts under the faucet without a basin wrench.  (See?  I am independent.  I am a girl who knows what a basin wrench is.  I just don't own one...)  So out of frustration I kicked the vanity repeatedly and not only kicked a hole in the side of it (it's rotted) but I also knocked the seal loose between the sink and the pipe, so now I have to brush my teeth in the kitchen.

Still determined to demonstrate my self-reliance, I sorted through all the stuff in my head that needs to be done (and that's a lot of stuff, y'all) and came up with this:  put up the ceiling trim in the bathroom.  I'd previously wallpapered the ceiling, but it looked unfinished without trim.  I was not deterred by the fact that I've never put up trim by myself.  The fact that I have no miter that's a deterrent.  But I improvised.  I overcame.  I adapted.

I stole the trim from the laundry room with its already-mitered corners.

Oh yes, I did.  That way I only had to make straight cuts, which I did and I messed up just one time.  Unfortunately it's right in the middle of the wall above the door.  I think caulk and paint will cover it.  I hope.

So when I told Charlie about all this, he said he was proud of me for starting and completing a project in one day and for my ingenuity.  Then he said, "Just leave that vanity for later when I can help you with it."

Oh, really?!


  1. Shaking my head at Charlie. How many people, let alone women, have accomplished what you have? Darn few.

    I'm sure that piece above the door will come out okay. I may have mentioned having to patch trim where the POs of my previous house had chopped pieces out of it to build on a closet. I patched the gaps with spackle, sanded, painted, and it came out fine.

  2. Hey! I just noticed the twitter pic on the sidebar - the new haircut looks great.

  3. Ohhhh I like the new do. Thumbs up!

    Charlie Charlie Charlie....this woman can do stuff...lots of stuff without any help. It's just that sometimes 4 hands can do what 2 hands can in 1/4 the time.'s a lot safer.

    Look at that trim as a craft project. Spackle and sand and no one will notice. That's the beauty of painted trim. Just remember when you are working on it.....that you are 6 inches from it and everyone else will be 5 feet from it.

  4. A little paint, a little caulk, it's all good.

    I'm impressed you attempted the vanity thing, I would be lost.

  5. That's hilarious, considering that the one place in OUR bathroom trim -- a rare screw-up by Lawrence -- is RIGHT ABOVE THE DOOR. Yep. Separated at birth. :-)

    But kudos to you. You are VERY independent and self-reliant. You are woman. Here you roar! *cues "Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves"*

  6. Good! that he's willing to help out with the faucet. I was trying to DIY replacing my leaking bathroom sink faucet a week or two ago, but I didn't have the strength or the tools to get the old one off. Called a friend to borrow his, and he ended up coming over and doing most of the heavy lifting himself. No complaints from me-- even with the right implements, he had a hard time getting the old faucet off, himself.

    That said, what the silliness was he talking about, about you needing to do things on your own? Oh, well!