Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The White House

Saturday, about 90 minutes before
I devoured two giant BLTs and half
a quart of sweet tea.
In my last post I said I wouldn't bore y'all with another photo of scraped paint.  More or less, I'm keeping my promise, since this is a photo of primer.  And a big red snow shovel.  (Useful for scooping up lead paint chips at the end of the day--I forgot to move it before I took this pic with my phone.)

White Trash Bob loaned us his new toy, a Metabo sander thingy that removed the paint from the window frame and the flat trim in about a third of the time it would've taken to hand-scrape them with the carbide blade pull scrapers we've been using.  Unfortunately, it doesn't work as well on the clapboards.  WTB theorizes that's because the clapboards are angled and because, over time, some of them have bowed a bit.

The two unpainted little clapboards to the right of the window are being repaired.  If you bigify the photo, you can see the bottom one is held together with painter's tape while the wood glue dries.


  1. It's gonna get really hot later this week so take it easy out there.

  2. Milah, Thanks, I'll be careful. The National Weather Service issued a Heat Advisory for Wednesday through Friday, so unless I'm able to work really early in the morning or later in the evening I won't be working outside. I still have trim to paint indoors...