Friday, June 15, 2012

No Faith In Humanity

My faith in humanity is lagging.  Let me rephrase that.  My faith in the intelligence of humanity is lagging.

Somehow in the chaos of the house I lost my Application for Certificate of Appropriateness (that's a fancy name for the application I filed to have the Historic Preservation Commission approve my paint colors) and with it, the date of HPC's next meeting.  I thought I'd call City Hall and find out when it is.  After all, HPC is a city agency so someone there should know, right?  Wrong.

Me:  When does Historic Preservation meet again?
Her:  I have no idea.
Me:  Oh.  [pause] Could you find out?
Her:  I lost Calendar Creator off my computer so I don't have any idea.
Me:  Don't you have a city calendar with all the meetings listed?
Her:  Yeah, that's what I lost off my computer.
Me:  There's not another one anywhere?
Her:  No.
Me:  Ya know, they make these things now out of paper, they hang on the wall, you can write on them.  It's called a calendar.  Y'all should maybe buy one.

Then I tried to log on to my laptop to check the email I'd gotten from the Building Inspector.  I thought maybe she'd put the date of the next meeting in her email.  My laptop wouldn't connect to the internet.  I suddenly had a sneaking suspicion this might have something to do with the phone call I made to the cable company earlier in the week, so I called them again.

Me:  I called y'all earlier this week and asked if you could disconnect my cable but keep my internet, and now I don't have internet but I still have cable.
Her:  Well, your tv will still work even without cable.
Me:  Yes, but I wouldn't be getting HBO.
Her:  So you want to cancel HBO?
Me:  I want to cancel cable entirely.
Her:  It looks like service to your residence was disconnected on Tuesday.  Did you move?
Me:  No.  I tried to cancel cable and still have internet.  That's all.
Her:  Ma'am, I'm asking you if you want to cancel HBO.
Me:  [saying the Serenity Prayer silently] Yes.  Please cancel HBO.  And the rest of my cable channels.
Her:  So you want to cancel everything?
Me:  Just cable.  Not internet.  I want internet.  I do not want cable.
Her:  So you want to cancel cable but keep internet?
Me:  Yes.  Exactly.
Her:  We can do that for you.

Now I have neither cable nor internet at my house.


  1. Good grief! We're kinda in the same boat, but I'm dealing with DISH! :(

  2. ROTFL! This SOOOO reminds me of what I used to do for a living. Imagine dealing with that 40 hours a week, every week. It is a miracle I still have hair.

  3. Does the town have a website with meeting schedules on it?

    It's the middle of June, should we be worried about Charlie?

    How's WTB doing?

  4. If this is true, that you've lost your faith in the Intelligence of Humanity then I suggest you also STOP FLYING. Drop me a line sometime.

  5. Oh, the joy of knowing all the idiots do NOT live in New York....but that others get to enjoy them as well!

  6. Karen Anne, I don't think the town has a website, but I'm not sure. It occurred to me after I posted this that two of my neighbors are on HPC, so I walked over & talked to one of them. The meeting's Monday night.

    Charlie goes to Court Wednesday morning. We've heard absolutely nothing from his lawyer. Both of us are anxious, not sleeping, stressed out. I'll post here when I know something.

    WTB is okay. He and Mrs. WTB went to the movies Friday night. :)

  7. Todd Klemm! The long-lost, much-missed Todd Klemm!! Do you have any idea how many Old Boys have asked me if I know where you are?!?! Good to hear from you!

  8. Milah, I briefly considered Dish. When they came out to install the dish, they asked me if they could put it on my next-door neighbors' roof. They said the signal was better over there. I said that my neighbors like me, but not enough to let me put holes in their roof!

  9. Hope it all went well at the meeting last night & you got your colors approved.

    Sending positive thoughts your way for you & Charlie for tomorrow morning.

  10. I looked back at some of your tweets log to see what was happening today with Charie's case and (I'm still not sure I "read" twitter correctly) saw the question from you? from someone else? about an article being deleted from Wikipedia.

    Wikipedia has users who go around nominating for removal articles about people they think aren't notable.

    This really fried my chops awhile back when an article I'd written on a favorite author of multiple romance novels was tossed out. "Anyone can write a book" was the claim.

    Also, someone tried to toss out two of my articles, on a Mexican actor and actress, because "the sources weren't in English" or "a source was prior to 1938." Those survived.

    Really, why go to the work of creating or editing an article when some ignorant yoyo can get it tossed. If some Spanish speakers hadn't noticed the latter noms for deletion and chimed in, those articles of notable people would have vanished.

    The other article's vanishing I attribute to not enough women editing Wikipedia, so only guys responded to the nom. I'm sure if the subject had written that many car repair manuals, the article would still be there :-)

  11. Karen Anne, I just got a phone call from Charlie and his case has been continued until mid-July. Grr.

    I agree, we need more women editors on Wikipedia! I am astounded that Bleu Edmondson is considered non-notable--he's a country singer who's not well known, but he has recorded albums and tours. However, a guy I went to school with who's now the president of Wentworth Military Academy has a somewhat lengthy bio on Wiki.

  12. That lawyer sounds like a piece of work. No chance Charlie's Aunt would replace him, preferably letting him pick one himself?