Thursday, May 3, 2012

Clapboards Not Baseboards

Charlie called me this morning from work.  "Whatcha doin?"

I sighed.  "I'm thinkin about maybe puttin some paint on those baseboards."

"You're still not done with that?!" he said.  (He knows full well that I'm not done with it, because I haven't asked him to come over and help me move furniture.)

That motivated me.

But not to paint baseboards.

Instead, I removed three more storm windows, stacked them at the back of the house, and pried another window open.  Then I painted the other half of the east side of the house, which I started on (again) two weeks ago.

Charlie called me again on his way home from work.  "How's those baseboards comin?"  I could hear the laughter behind his voice.

"Actually, I'm outside paintin the house," I said.

He laughed and laughed.  "You're supposed to be inside paintin baseboards, not outside paintin clapboards.  I knew it!  I knew it when I saw it didn't rain today!"

I laughed too.  "How'd you know I didn't stay inside?"

Charlie said, "Because I know you!  You do what you wanna do, not what you say you're gonna do."

I'd say that's a pretty accurate assessment.

Maybe I'll paint those baseboards tomorrow.  Or not. 


  1. Time to unstick a bedroom window :-) Maybe two for cross ventilation.

  2. You gotta do projects in the order that works for you --and when the weather will cooperate. ;-)

  3. Ya gotta make hay when the sun shines!