Friday, April 6, 2012

Point Taken

Charlie mowed down my daylilies.
"I thought they were grass," he said.

"How could you think they were grass?!  You didn't mow down the ones in the front yard and they look exactly the same!"

"I knew those were flowers because you put them little plastic rocks around 'em."

Oh.  Well, he's got me there.

Point taken.


  1. Maybe water in fertilizer around the daylilies...

    A former lawn guy ran over a newly planted small lilac with a power mower a couple of years ago. It survived, although it took awhile to come back. Now I spread mulch around anything that isn't obvious.

  2. LOL - I've had the same thing happen over here, except it's usually the tulips.

  3. LOL, what is it with guys? You should see what has been mowed down around here this year.

  4. re tweet, you have crazy neighbors?

  5. Karen Anne, I do...down the street in the "Easter egg house". But this time, I was talking about my friend Rachel's neighbors. She has LOTS of crazy neighbors. One down, three to go for her!

  6. Wow. Your house looked best in 1906 when it first debuted! Cool. I luv blogs about real life. U kno I'll be readin this one. ^^ When I can get on that is.