Sunday, April 1, 2012

How I Spent My Spring Break

I'm back, y'all!  My unexpected absence from blogging--and from working on my house--was because a few days after I finished the floors I had a really bad arthritis flare.  I wish I could say I handled it well, that I was all stoic and inspirational like Helen Keller or something, but the truth is that every morning when I woke up in pain I said bad swears.  A lot of bad swears.  I'm used to having my knees snap-crackle-pop after I climb up and down a ladder all day, but this involved both ankles, my right knee, and my right hand.  For three weeks.  Y'all know I have no patience for this schidt.  So I liberally dropped F-bombs, hobbled around my neighborhood, and didn't do much on the house.  Thank God that's over. 

This week was a whole lot better.  The dining room is about 98% done.
Note that the china cabinet is missing.  So are the register covers.  That's the 2% that isn't done.  (Oh, and the centerpiece there is a bouquet of peacock feathers, a birthday present from WTB a couple of years ago.)

I planted some flowers.

I accidentally threw away the plant tags before I blogged, so I don't know what the flowers are called. 

I planted viola (what my mom calls Johnny-Jump-Ups) all along the front walkway, but they're still teeny and didn't photograph well.

And I hung up two strips of wallpaper in the front parlor....after I went out and bought a big piece of plastic to cover the nice floor with.

There's not much left to paper--just the long wall with that window and the "short" wall where the fireplace is.  A good couple of days of work and I'll have it done.  I might've gotten more paper up, but I was distracted by another project.  I'll tell you about that tomorrow.


  1. It's coming together nicely!

    Sorry about your arthritis, I know the feeling. :(

    Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

  2. That looks terrifc! You should be so proud of your work. I imagine it must feel so nice to be finished!

  3. The dining room looks wonderful. What a great result for all that work.

    I'm not much help with the flowers. I'm wondering if the last photo is of some kind of geranium.

    You might look for this stuff for your arthritis. I swear by it. It has capsaicin to deaden pain, and anti-inflammatories oil of wintergreen and frankincense. Normally I don't like stuff with a scent, but I like the wintergreen in this one. I use it whenever my hip acts up or I have muscle stuff going on.

  4. Is there any chance you will show us BEFORE (the dining room when you took possession of the house) and AFTER pictures?

  5. Milah, I'll look to see if I have any. I lost most of the photos of my walkthrough of the house when my old laptop bit the dust.

  6. Karen Anne, I will definitely order some of that! Thanks. :)

  7. Since it has that pepper ingredient in it, I keep it off my fingers. I put some on a bunch of Kleenex and then apply it with that.

  8. Jayne, Perhaps you have pictures on some earlier posts???