Monday, March 5, 2012


We shoved all the furniture from the front parlor, the entryway, and the dining room into the back parlor when we refinished the floors.  It looks like a mashup of Hoarders and Holmes On Homes in there, but somehow I managed to find my camera.

I varnished the floors Friday and Saturday, and unless the nightmare I had that the house flooded and the floors were ruined proves to be prophetic, they're finished. 

The dining room

The front parlor, looking into the dining room & entryway

The entryway

The stain is Minwax Special Walnut and the varnish is Minwax Clear Polyurethane in Satin Finish.  The floors all really are about the same color; it's just the lighting in each room that makes them look darker or lighter.  The middle photo is the one that shows the color best.


  1. I'm blown away! The floors are gorgeous! What an accomplishment!

  2. Beautiful. I have floor envy :-)

  3. Well done! They look fantastic. Here, on the other hand, I finally pulled up the ugly green carpet in the living room and found... linoleum. Sigh.

  4. K, and under that linoleum is glue, and under that glue is....nice floors! Keep going, keep going! :)