Friday, January 13, 2012

Say What?

White Trash Bob doesn't text.  He thinks he does.  He even sends texts sometimes.  But those texts are so random and cryptic that they almost always necessitate a phone call, so I stand by my original pronouncement:  White Trash Bob doesn't text.  As proof, I offer the following.

WTB:  Drain pipe in yard?

Me:  Yes.  Do you need it?

WTB:  No I could not find where it fell off your hour

Me:  What?

WTB:  House not hour.

Me:  It didn't.  Floyd gave it to me.

No answer.  From this conversation I gather that WTB was wandering either through the alley or through my yard, saw the drain pipe, and thought something needed fixing.  What makes this funny to me is the reason Floyd (my next-door neighbor) gave me the drain pipe in the first place:

because last summer WTB said my downspouts needed to be re-routed.

So when Floyd and Gwen had their gutters and downspouts replaced, they gave me a long piece of drain pipe to use in WTB's downspout re-routing project.  A project he's apparently forgotten about. 

That's okay though.  Between the front parlor picture rail, the floor refinishing, and the long-delayed bathroom remodel (which will happen later this year, although not as I'd originally envisioned it) I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of WTB. 


  1. I have to wonder how long he stood out there looking at your house wondering where it came from. Maybe you should start leaving random things out there just to see what happens.

  2. Hee hee. That's a great idea! It's been really windy here the past few days. I think when I get home I'll put some roofing shingles in my yard.