Sunday, January 29, 2012

Good Days, Indeed

It's been a good couple of days.

Charlie got in town from work early on Thursday and moved all the furniture out of the front parlor, fixed the low water pressure and the leak in the kitchen faucet, took up the rest of the tack strip in the front parlor, and put one coat of paint on the parlor window trim.  I hung two more strips of wallpaper.

Then on Friday, he got back in town really early.  By "really early" I mean that I was buried under the covers and a pillow fort when he called me and said, "What're you doin, sleepin?"  I wiped the drool off my face and said, "Well, yeah.  Doesn't everybody take a nap after they go to Lowe's at 7:30 in the morning to buy a ShopVac?"  Charlie considered this a moment, "Ummm, not really.  Let me in."  I panicked.  "You're here?  Like, at my house, here?"  My voice may have squeaked a tiny bit on that last part.  This man cannot see me in my dorky Hello Kitty flannel jammies with bed-head and without concealer to cover the big zit on my forehead.  I leaped out of bed, yanked on a pair of yoga pants, put my hair in a ponytail, tried to pull my bangs over the zit, tossed on the first shirt I laid hands on, and went to open the door.  At that moment I realized the shirt I was wearing was the hoodie I borrowed from him a couple nights before.  Hell's bells. 

Charlie noticed.  Of course he did.  "Were you sleepin in my shirt?"

"No, of course not," I said.  "I didn't wanna answer the door in my jammies and so--"

He looked at me critically.  "What the hell happened to your head?"

I may have died a little on the inside then.  But I think I made a good recovery.  "So, uh, anyway, I bought a ShopVac."

"So you told me on the phone."  He kicked the box.  "And right here it is."

Now would be a good time for the basement trapdoor to finally fail, so I can just fall through it.

I cleared my throat. I tried to be business-like. "So.  I'm sure you didn't come over here just to chat."

He grinned.  "Maybe I did."

What an evil man.

And then he proved that he did not, in fact, come over just to chat because he patched the stovepipe hole in the front parlor, re-hung the piece of kitchen backsplash that fell off months ago, went to two rental places to find out how much a drum sander costs to rent, called one of his friends and asked him to come over Monday and fix my dryer (which hasn't heated in a year), and--saving the best for last--he took the sash locks off all five windows in the front parlor so that I could cook the paint off of them in the CrockPot.  He was highly skeptical of that paint removal method until he himself fished a sash lock out of the hot water and the paint slid right off.

It was a good couple of days.  A very good couple of days, indeed.   


  1. OMG! Can I borrow him?

    Would you explain the cooking the hardware in the crockpot to remove paint? Will it work with brass door trim too? Thanks!


  2. Jean, I haven't tried it with anything but cast iron hardware, but I imagine it would work. Be sure you use a Crock Pot that you're not planning on ever using again for food. Put the hardware in there, cover it with water, turn the Crock Pot on high, and let it "cook" until the paint bubbles up. Fish the hardware out with tongs and the paint usually comes right off with gentle scraping. If not, a little Brakleen and a brush will get the stubborn spots. I use plain water, but one of my readers told me that a little TSP in the water makes the paint come off faster.

  3. How do you fix low water pressure?

    A word about that dryer. I have a 25 year old GE dryer that stopped heating. The heating coil or whatever it's called had broken. While the repair guy was here he said the glides were unevenly worn so they should be replaced.

    I said okay. Big mistake. Apparently over the years the dryer had adjusted to the unevenness, and once it was fixed, the dryer now squeaks for a lot of the time it's in use.

    I use it anyway, but never leave it unattended or running after i go to bed. My hope is the dryer fairies will eventually wear it down appropriately again :-)

  4. I rate him up there with WTB!

    This guys a keeper!

  5. Karen Anne, I'm embarrassed at how easy it was to fix after I've lived with this for months. Charlie just took the end of the faucet off and cleaned out the little screen and the teeny-tiny holes in the insides of the faucet. We have really hard water here and they were almost completely clogged with crispy stuff.

  6. Girlfriend! Get your act together. Always be prepared! It's the girl scout code. Er wait, maybe it's the boy scouts... anyhoo no more cyclops moments. You do NOT want to scare this guy off. LOL I think the only way to recover from this near disaster is to bake him some cookies. They like that sort of thing. Well, other things too but lets start with the cookies.

  7. It's close, but I think that would be worth coming to the door in my pjs for.

  8. I remember my Mom cleaning those things in the ends of faucets. It never occurred to me to do that, and I've been living here full time for eight years...

  9. Christine, I know, right?! Total disaster! Cookies are a great idea! Thanks, I never would've thought of that. :)

    Karen Anne, It never occurred to me either. I felt kinda dumb after he fixed it. lol